The Ongoing Saga Of Crushing Things With A Tank At Bullet Proof Diesel

It’s not been two months since I went to Bullet Proof Diesel in Arizona to attempt (poorly) to make a pilot episode for Roadkill Kitchen. Yeah, mostly that was an excuse to pancake things with Bullet Proof’s 65-ton Chieftain Main Battle Tank, which is a weekly exercise for the diesel-tuning shop. In the time since we visited, they’ve endeavored to crush a whole bunch more stuff. We’ll pick a couple of our favorites, but you can find the whole list on their YouTube Channel.

Our good friend and Roadkill Kitchen cohost/good sport Jeff Dahlin still hosts the tank-crushing episodes. On a recent episode, he sent a cheap exercise bike under the Chieftain’s treads. Better yet: He followed that up with a bowling ball, which might be the toughest thing they’ve tried to crush yet. If you’re a bowler, you probably won’t be surprised too much by the result.

Even better, Jeff and Bullet Proof celebrated Independence Day as you only wished you could: with a gigantic battle tank. After an appetizer of a diesel water pump, the Chieftain rolls over a fireworks display that should make your patriotic side shout with glee, “They’ve done it, the magnificent bastards. They’ve won the Fourth of July.”

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