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Finally, We Offer Subscriptions To The World’s Best (Worst) Magazine

Here’s the problem with only viewing Roadkill on your phone or laptop; nobody else knows how cool you are. How to solve that problem? Roadkill in a print form, of course. Put it on your coffee table, or that piece of wood slung over an old slick tire in your basement that you call a coffee table. Leave a copy in the bathroom, your friends will appreciate it. Carry it casually under your arm at school, or on a train. Take it on an airplane, no need to power down! (Go to here to Subscribe!)

What’s in this magical magazine? Everything you like and more of it! Photos from filming Roadkill episodes. Deeply personal essays by your heroes, Freiburger and Finnegan. Shocking confessions by Elana and Fred and Steve Dulcich. Actual smart stuff about rad new cars by Angus MacKenzie. Never-before-seen archive photos of cars from the early days of hot-rodding. Photos that prove that we are not the first idiots to take a flaming wrench to an automobile in the pursuit of more-better.


You are now convinced that you must have this magazine, and immediately, but how? Well, you can hunt one down in a book store or newsstand near you, but even easier and cheaper, you can have it sent right to your house, four times a year. That’s right, subscriptions are now available.

In case you missed it the first time — Go to here to Subscribe!


Subscriptions are available in the States, in Canada, and internationally. No excuses!

In the U.S.A

4 issues for $19.95 — Save 50%
8 issues for $34.95 — Save 56%

In Canada

4 issues for $23.95 — Save 40%
8 issues for $42.95 — Save 46%


4 issues for $27.95 — Save 30%
8 issues for $50.95 — Save 36%


Credit cards accepted, no PayPal yet.


First folks to sign up will get the Stubby Bob issue, once those run out, you’ll have to wait for the December issue…which is a surprise.

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