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The Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags are coming to Tucson Dragway in Arizona on January 13-14, 2017! The event also has a swap meet and a car show that’s open to kind of car or truck, plus meet-and-greet sessions with the Roadkill guys as well as question-and-answer sessions. If you’re ready to register now, just click the link here.


If you’re coming to race, you can run any car that passes tech inspection! That includes domestics, imports, new, and vintage machines. There will be plenty of time for open testing, and the event is friendly to first-time racers. We will also have two fun races, the FANS vs ROADKILL SHOWDOWN and the $3,000 HOOPTIE CHALLENGE. Read on for the rules of those special races, plus camping details, tech rules, and a basic schedule. We’ll also give you some drag racing basics; if this is your first time, don’t be afraid to show up and race! If this is not your first time, bring a Roadkill attitude with you and help out the newbies.





On Friday, January 13, gates at Tucson Dragway open at 3:00 PM for tech inspection, and racing starts at 4:00. Racing will continue until around 8:30 or until the track gets too cold. All the cars arriving from The Roadkill Road Trip from Los Angeles to Tucson will arrive somewhere between 6 and 9 pm. There will be bonfires that night and participants are welcome to camp at the track.


On Saturday, January 14, gates open at 8:00 am and tech inspection is open all day. There will be a welcome meeting at 9:00 am and racing goes hot immediately afterward. Racing will continue until roughly 8:00 pm, when the burnout contest begins!


The FANS vs ROADKILL SHOWDOWN will be at roughly 3:00 pm, details below.


The $3,000 HOOPTIE CHALLENGE race will have a lineup at roughly 5:00 pm and the race at roughly 7:00 pm, details below.


The track concession stands and bars will be open about the same hours as the racing hours. Food trucks will be on hand for most of the day as well.


Sunoco race fuel will be for sale at the track during race hours, but make sure to listen for announcements about when fuel sales may close.


Landspeed Motorhome not required (but always welcome)
Landspeed Motorhome not required (but always welcome)



Roadkill participants may camp at Tucson Dragway on Friday night! There are no RV hookups available and no showers. Barbecues are allowed. No glass bottles are allowed. Track bars are open during race hours, but no outside liquor is allowed. If the track sees outside beer, wine, or liquor they will take it away from you so they don’t lose their license! Expect it to be really cold outside.


060-Burnouts Roadkill Nights Woodward 2016



All race vehicles must pass tech inspection with the track officials, who have the final word on if your car may or may not run. Here’s what’s required:

– The driver must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver license.

– Tires and seat belts must be in good condition.

– The battery must be firmly held down, no bungee cords.

– All lug nuts in place and tight

– No cracked or broken windshields or glass.

– No fluid leaks or drips from the vehicle.

– Must have a radiator overflow bottle

– A helmet is required if the vehicle is going 13.99 or quicker in the quarter mile.

– No passengers if the vehicle is going quicker than 13.99 in the quarter mile.

– A fire jacket is recommended if an aftermarket power adder (turbo, blower, nitrous) has been added to the vehicle. If your vehicle is quicker than 10 seconds in the quarter mile a jacket will be required.



Fans often want a shot to race against Roadkill vehicles, so this is the chance! Here’s how it will work.


On Saturday, January 14 at Tucson Dragway, a lotto box will be available from roughly 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at a location to be announced. Those racers who wish to have a chance to win a spot in the Fans vs Roadkill Showdown will be instructed how to drop an entry into the box. Those who enter must be paid racer entries to the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags event.


At roughly 1:30 pm, a random drawing will be held on the starting line of the drag strip as the Roadkill hosts pull 10 entries who will get to participate in the Fans vs Roadkill Showdown.


At roughly 3:00 pm, the 10 fans from the random drawing will meet in the staging lanes. In every round, the fans must drive the vehicle they entered into the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags. The Roadkill hosts get to pick whatever Roadkill project car they want, and can change it from round to round if they feel like it.


In the first round, Freiburger picks a fan to race, then Finnegan picks a fan to race. The two winners from those two races return to the starting line, and they get to pick who they want to race next. The process continues until only two cars are left; those two cars race to determine the overall winner.


There will be honors and a prize package for the racer who beats Freiburger, the racer who beats Finnegan, and for the overall winner.





People say drag racing is too expensive, but Roadkill says you can race anything and have a ton of fun! If you enter this race you better have a cheap car and a sense of humor.


Any car that wishes to join the $3,000 Hooptie Challenge must already be registered to race at the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags event and must have already passed tech inspection by 5:00 pm on Saturday, January 14 at Tucson Dragway.


At around 5:00 pm, racers and cars that wish to participate will be called to lanes for the $3,000 Hooptie Roll Call. The Roadkill crew will be on the starting line with microphones, and as each car rolls forward the hosts will publically make their judgment call as to whether each car is really worth $3,000 or less. The cars that pass the test will get a decal on the windshield. All participants must be prepared for public ridicule and a wildly inaccurate assessment of their car’s value—not to mention completely bogus estimates of the value of other competitors’ cars—and need to understand that this is just for fun; it ain’t the NHRA Nationals and the prizes are virtually worthless, so bring the Roadkill attitude.


After being judged, each pair of cars will be allowed to run down the dragstrip. The cars that got window decals to indicate acceptance as a $3,000 Hooptie must return immediately to the staging lanes, ready to race.


The $3,000 Hooptie Challenge race will be heads-up with random pairings and will last as long as it takes to get down to a single winner.


There will honors and prize packages for the quickest single pass in the Challenge and for the overall winner and runner up.




Even if you’ve never raced before, you’re welcome at the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags. Here’s a little info to help you know what to do.


  • When you arrive at the track, look for Tech Inspection. The tech guidelines are listed above. The track officials must pass you and mark your window with a number before you can race. You will also need to have a pen to fill out a tech card so we know who you are. If you can’t find where Tech Inspection is held, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Always listen to the announcements from the tower that can be heard over the PA in the pit areas. The announcer will keep you up to date on the schedule and will also tell you when and where to be in the staging lanes.
  • Much of the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags will be open test and tune, also called grudge racing. This means you line up against whoever may be in the opposite lane. The winner or loser does not matter, you are just running to find out how quick your car is.
  • The announcer may call different staging lanes for “slick tire cars” or “street tire cars.” “Slick tire” means cars with racing tires, like drag slicks or racing radial tires, and “street tire” is for anything with tread.
  • Staging lanes are the rows where cars wait their turn to go down the drag strip. They are numbered. At most tracks, 1 is the far left lane; at Tucson, 1 happens to be the far right lane. Before you get to the front of the lane, make sure you are ready with your helmet and seat belt on.
  • After waiting in line in the staging lanes you will make it to the front of the line where you need to follow the instructions of the official who will either give you the sign to wait or to pull forward. The official may point to the lane in which he or she wants you to run.
  • As you roll out of the staging lanes you will see the water box, where cars to burnouts to heat the tires. You do not have to do a burnout if you don’t want to; if not doing a burnout, drive around the water box so you don’t pull water up onto the track surface. If you DO want to do a burnout, watch the official who will indicate to you how far to pull forward; you don’t want your tires in the deepest part of the water or the burnout will throw water into your fenderwells which will then drip back onto the tires. Don’t execute your burnout until the official gives you the sign to start spinning tires. The official may also wave you forward out of the burnout box after a certain amount of time of tire spin. Roll out of the box with the tires still spinning, but do not execute a rolling burnout across the starting line.
  • After the burnout, you’re ready to stage. Watch the Christmas Tree at the starting line. At the top are two amber light bulbs: two in your lane and two in the opposite lane. The top bulb is the Pre-Stage light and the second lower one is the Stage light. Each light turns on when your front tire rolls forward enough to break a beam across the starting line. Roll forward slowly so you light the Pre-Stage bulb, then roll slowly ahead until the Stage bulb is lit, then stop. The race will not begin until both the competitors have executed this procedure. (One of the most common and embarrassing thing for first-time racers is to stage with the rear wheels of the car rather than the front; watch carefully where other cars are staging so you get the idea not to roll too far forward.)
  • Before you get to the starting line, make sure your window is rolled up and, at night, make sure your headlights are on.
  • When both cars are staged, the Christmas Tree is ready to activate the race. We will run a Sportsman Tree at Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags, which means there are three amber bulbs that will flash in sequence, .500 seconds apart, starting at the top and working downward. Then, .500 of a second after the last amber, the green light comes on. Green means “go.” Because of the delay in your brain reacting to the light coming on and the delay between your foot hitting the pedal and your car actually moving forward, you may find that it’s best to react to the last amber bulb coming on rather than waiting to see the green light. If your car leaves the line before the first amber bulb lights, you will not get an elapsed time. If you leave before the green light comes on, you will see a red light that indicates you left too soon; you will get an elapsed time, but you will lose your race. Keep in mind that the timers start when your car moves away from the starting light, not when the green light comes on (the green light could be on for 10 minutes before you left the line, but it still would not affect your car’s elapsed time number).
  • After you have left the starting line, accelerate to the finish line. If you feel anything is smoking or leaking from your car, or if anything breaks, pull over to the safety wall as quickly as is safe and stop. The rescue crew will come to you quickly.
  • Accelerate only to the finish line, not past it. After the finish line, slow down carefully; you don’t need to slam on the brakes.
  • At Tucson Dragway, the exit from the drag strip is on the left hand side. If you are racing in the right lane, make absolutely certain that you do not pull to the left to exit and cut off the competitor who is in the left lane. That other car may be traveling faster than you and may be heading to one of the turn-outs that is farther down the track. You don’t need to strive to exit at the first turn out.
  • Once you are off the track, you may pull to the right of the return road and stop if you have a problem with your car, but make certain you are not blocking any other racers who may not be expecting a parked car.
  • To get your time slip, drive down the return road and look for the time booth where a person will hand you a slip of paper that will reveal your reaction time (the time between when the green light went on and when your car actually left the starting line) as well as the progressive times (elapsed time in seconds to 60 feet, 330 feet, 660 feet, 1,000 feet) and the quarter-mile elapsed time and mph.
  • You’re done! Either return to your pit spot or drive carefully back to the staging lanes to go again.



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