Nothing but Wheelies and Burnouts from Drag Week 2016

There’s no reason to get all wordy here. Freiburger and I are at HOT ROD Drag Week. He’s in the tower making jokes on the Gear Vendors Live Feed with announcer extraordinaire Brian Lohnes. You want to watch that. You do. Do it here. LIVE FEED. It’s much better than what I’ve been doing on the cell phone.

If there’s an oildown or you can’t watch videos right now but you’re dying to see the action, we have you covered with this gallery of handpicked wheels-up and tire smoke photos. We’ve got a whole other gallery of wrenching that will go up later, but for now, nothing but wheelies and burnouts.

002- Burnouts and Wheelies Day 1 Roadkill Drag Week 2016

Got any questions about Drag Week? Ask ‘em in the comments and we’ll try to answer them in upcoming live feeds and posts.

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