No Pistons, No Future: Early Mazda RX-7 Reaches the End of the Line

The first-generation Mazda RX-7 was produced for the 1978 through 1984 model years, and its combination of reasonable price tag, light weight, and screaming Wankel engine made it an American sales success. These cars have roomy engine compartments and thus work well for ridiculous engine swaps, but this ’82 is going to a Colorado grave with all its original running gear intact.

Under the hood, a 12A rotary, good for 100 horses and an insane-for-1982 7,000 rpm redline. These engines were thirsty for fuel and oil and had a bad tendency to eat their own apex seals when not treated well, but you couldn’t beat the power-to-weight ratio with any emissions-legal four-stroke piston engine at the time.

Just 167,696 miles on the clock, and in worn-but-solid condition overall. Imagine this car with your favorite V8 swapped in, or maybe even a modern Mazda Renesis.

One of the last cars sold in the United States with a factory-installed manual choke.

It’s too late to save this one, since The Crusher hungers for its flesh and will not be denied this vintage Japanese snack. However, quite a few cheap RX-7s in similar condition remain available for your wildest engine-swapping ideas.

Such a deal!

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