New Lamborghini Breaks Nürburgring Record; Roadkill Asks Important Question

MotorTrend writer and occasional Roadkill contributor Jonny Lieberman first drove the Lamborghini Huracan Performante in January and, in the story’s closing, he mentioned something about the insane new Performante running a lap at the Nürburgring in 6:52-something, which would have put it five seconds quicker than any other production car at the ‘ring. It turns out good ol’ ruins-everything Jonny wasn’t fibbing; Lamborghini released video of driver Marco Mapelli hustling the new Lambo around the mountain track with that “something” being a single hundredth of a second. Lap time: 6:52.01.

Normally, we don’t really give two shrugs at any supercar, let alone the lap time on a far-away closed course with an actual professional GT driver at the wheel. However, we’ve had a Lamborghini on Roadkill once and to think that the evolution of said car, which is like the Italian equivalent of fastening bolts with a hammer, can turn corners—thanks to aero vectoring, which is active aerodynamic elements applying downforce as the car needs it—at insane speeds and put down all 600-plus horsepower in a useful way…Well, we’re occasionally impressed by what modern supercars can do.

Here’s a question for our readers, though: With the new Chevy Camaro ZL1 lapping the ‘ring at around 7:30 (38 seconds slower than the Huracan Performante) and costing most likely a quarter of the Lambo, which would you rather have? For the sake of argument, imagine that you could buy either one, but not both, and not anything else. Yeah, it’s that kinda discussion. We’re nerds.

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  1. The Lambo has a 30-40K per year maintenance cost. That doesn’t include $20,000 in brake pads, tires etc.. A frigging oil change will set you back 3 grand.

    I am confident the Chevy ZL1 would be less than a 10% of that…even if you raced it on weekends.

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