Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Build Update

When last I left you, the dune buggy shortened VW pan was at the powdercoater, and I hadn’t a clue what happened next. I remain clueless, but with many more parts at my disposal.

Perry, my kind and generous buggy benefactor, is in the music business, and he’s building a recording studio. Conveniently, construction hasn’t started on it yet, so if we work fast, we have a spotless operating room in which to assemble our Meyers Manx. Too nice for Roadkill? Without a doubt, but no fear, I’m sure I’ll find a way to ruin it.


Before we start wrenching, Perry suggested we lay out the parts, since he’s been collecting VW and Manx components for a long time, and wasn’t totally sure what he had and what we might need. Turns out, we had almost everything.

The suspension, brakes, steering and most of the drive train will be VW, although a few parts are upgraded or modified—like the pan, which was both shortened and stiffened, and now allows for an adjustable rear suspension setting.


Front brakes will be discs, we’ll leave drums in the rear. The seats are ‘60s Mustang units, and I’ve requested we do the Corvette taillights, because I think they are way more stylish than the Bug ones. Still to be decided is steering wheel. I’m leaning towards the wooden Cobra style one as a nod to the Manx’s high-dollar roommates in the shop.


We still need a fair amount, including a pedal assembly, tierod ends, shocks, bushings, speedo cable, front tires, a gas tank, and oh yeah, an engine. Perry and I have been talking Corvair since it fulfills Perry’s desire for air-cooledness and my desire for as many different makes and models contributing to this buggy as possible. Also much power.


We’ll start assembly next time Perry is in town. Stay tuned, and put your steering wheel votes and suggestions in the comments.

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