Mattel Builds Lemons-Inspired Hot Wheels

The 24 Hours of Lemons inspired a Hot Wheels car. And now, our feet are starting to feel a little cold, like maybe hell has frozen over.


OK, maybe it’s not that surprising. Mattel’s diecast cars have always included a playfulness and creativity that you’re likely to find in Lemons. The diecast, which Hot Wheels calls “The Roller Toaster” (excellent name, by the way), is based on the Team Toaster Scion xB that raced a few times in California. At BS Inspection, a fog machine produced burned-toast “smoke” and if the car never ran quite right—it only caught fire for real like twice—the team nailed the perfect theme for the boxy xB.


We’ll let Lemons HQ take it from here:

“Mattel designer Ryu Asada has created the first Lemons-inspired Hot Wheels [see video below], and even our trademark lawyers are into it! Ryu says he was inspired by the creativity of Lemons teams and cars (and his office’s snack room).

“Ironically part of the toymaker’s #LegendsOfSpeed series, the “Roller Toaster” looks suspiciously like a certain West Coast team that debuted in 2012, but who cares? Mattel just created the only safe way to race a Lemons car, and we dig it.”

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