We Made Short Versions Of Some Of Our Favorite Videos

Do you ever watch a ful race or a sportsing event or even a TV show and want to see the best parts again without rewatching the whole thing? We do, all the time. And while we usually don’t need to goad our fans to rewatch whole Roadkill episodes, we know that sometimes you just want to see the most-epic bits of the show. Thankfully, our amazing video editors have cut together some great highlight videos for our Facebook page. You can find more on our Facebook page—have we mentioned our Facebook page yet?—in the near future, but here’s what we put together for this past week.

Stubby Bob’s saga in 92 seconds

Building a wheelstanding shorty dump truck took time. Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of time. However, we’ve made it easy for you to relive the best parts in a minute-and-a-half. That includes Finnegan dropping the V-drive through the floor and, of course, the most glorious moment of glory in Roadkill history.

Fred drives the Cummins-powered Jeep through a pond

This might be Dirt Every Day’s greatest moment; it’s at least in the Top 5. This is one of the crazier things any of Roadkill or its sibling shows has ever done and it turned out pretty awesome. Here’s the short version, but you can watch the whole episode to see how DED put it together.

A fun afternoon project

Not every car project needs to be epic. Sometimes you just want to take an afternoon and $25 to make something look better. Anyway, here’s Elana cleaning up and painting the cruddy air cleaner on her Chrysler 440.

An artist at work

Sometimes you want to see an expert do their thing. Well, they don’t come more expert than Pete Santini from Westminster, California. Watch this one and see if you don’t start wondering what in your garage would look better with some fire.

Roadkill’s Top 10 Burnouts

Well, what else do you need to know? Here are our 10 favorite burnouts.

Ignition/Head 2 Head Love the new Ford Raptor 10 different ways

There’s a new Raptor in town and our friends from Ignition/Head 2 Head hired some Ken guy to show them all about it. Here are 10 reasons they think the new turbocharged Raptor is a step ahead.

Of course, we’ll have more of these videos and you can always watch full episodes of all these shows on MotorTrendOnDemand or on the MotorTrend YouTube Channel. Follow the Roadkill Facebook page for more videos like this and let us know what videos you want to see.

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