Mad Max Stunt B-Roll Shows Just How Mad Things Were

Mad Max: Fury Road is being held as a benchmark for future action movies. Part of what makes Fury Road stand out in a sea of blockbusters and big-budget action films is that it goes right back to the root of a good action movie: real action with live stunts. Thanks to YouTube channel JoBlo Movie Trailers, we have a raw behind-the-scenes look at some of the B-roll from Fury Road. This shows portions of how many of the films larger stunts were shot, including the pole-swinging War Kids as they ambush the Max and Furiosa’s War Rig; the actual stunt props are used for the close-up shots, too. There’s even a scene where it appears a camera tower was built on one of the post-apocalyptic war machines instead of a blacked-out camera truck, like the modified Tundra seen here.

Plus, the Doofwagon makes an appearance while its slaved metal guitarist jams away in towering, mad glory. That alone is worth the price of admission.

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