Let’s Get Crowdfunding: Someone Is Selling Five Real IROC Race Cars

Normally, we don’t concern ourselves much here on Roadkill with fancy-pants automotive auctions. We’re pretty sure cars are made to be driven, not turned into bidding wars and so forth. But sometimes, every once in a while, we see an auction listing that we hope someone uses for good and not for evil. This collection of bitchin’ custom vans last month was great, but we’re even more pumped to see this collection of real, honest-to-Freiburger IROC Firebird race cars headed to auction at Mecum Kissimmee in January.


If you didn’t know, IROC stands for “International Race of Champions,” which once pitted some of the best drivers in American racing—and international racing at times in its history—against each other in identically prepared cars. The first year, 1974, featured identical Porsche 911 RSRs. After that, IROC organizers came to their senses and put together some proper American iron: Camaros. And yes, the third-generation Camaro IROC was named after the series. Dodge picked up the rights for a few intervening years, but the Pontiac Trans Am became the car of choice—really only a body shell over a tubeframe—for the final years of IROC.


YouTube is filled with IROC races and these later Trans Ams were raced by recent NASCAR legends like Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt (Jr. and Sr.). Now, five of these 1996 IROC cars (plus a spare 500-horsepower Chevy 350) are headed up for auction by Mecum from collector Michael Fux. We have no idea what this kind of thing is worth, except more than we can afford, pal. [Actually estimated at around $50,000 to $75,000 each, according to Mecum]


However, here’s hoping that some wealthy racing benefactor—Hey, what’s up Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon?—will put these back on the road again together to start a replacement for that super-weenie Race of Champions thing they do these days. Or at least a Radwood Racing Revival.

And while you’re on the Mecum Kissimmee page, check out the absolutely amazing collection of vintage factory drag cars up for auction there, too. Incredible stuff.

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