LeMons Thunderhill Inspections: El Camino vs Del Camino

The 24 Hours of LeMons traveling circus has returned to Thunderhill Raceway Park for the annual Vodden the Hell Are We Doing race. Last year at this event, LeMons set the Guinness record for most cars in an endurance race, and we’ve got another huge field this year. Inspections took place on Friday in 108° heat, and we saw a soon-to-be-historic rivalry form: a genuine Chevy El Camino will be on the track with a Honda del Sol boasting a disturbingly accurate El Camino conversion: Del Camino!

_MG_2524.JPGThis isn’t the first time that a creative LeMons team has taken a boring import and converted it to an Detroit-style cartruck. More than five years ago, Team Bavarian Ranchero started with a BMW E30 3-series and turned it into a very credible Ford Ranchero.

_MG_2525.JPGThe Bavarian Ranchero is quite fast and very well-driven, and it has finished in in the upper reaches of the standings (unlike a certain theoretically fast car we could name).

IMG_4839The farmers of the GMObiles team are racing their hooptie El Camino, which sat in a Northern California field for decades before being caged and thrown into the blender that is a 24 Hours of LeMons track. With its worn-out stock suspension and tired 350, it’s not fast on a road course… but it has had a few races for the GMObiles to work out the bugs, giving it a big reliability advantage over the first-time Del Camino.

IMG_4807The Del Camino is a 1995 Honda del Sol beneath all that extra steel, and the team appears to have taken full advantage of the see-no-evil effect that an amazing rebodying job has on the LeMons Supreme Court. This car should be quick out there, but Honda engines like to throw rods and blow head gaskets in our races.

IMG_5441Will the Del Camino or the El Camino get the most laps during the weekend of racing? Only one way to find out!

eyesore-weddingMeanwhile, one of the winningest teams in 24 Hours of LeMons history, bringing their “ghettocharged” Mazda Miata for its 32nd race (the most of any car in the history of the series), has arrived with a wedding theme. Eyesore Racing team captain, Dave Coleman (if you drive a new Mazda, he probably designed the suspension) will be getting married to longtime girlfriend and teammate, Sarah Fairfield, and so their car is decorated appropriately.

IMG_4808We’ll let you know how the El-versus-Del race goes, so check in later!

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