LeMons South: Bathtub Nash, TR8, Moonshine Jars

The 24 Hours of LeMons Traveling Circus has been setting up the Tilt-a-Whirl at Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina since way back in 2008. For reasons we still don’t understand, the nearby town of Camden allows us to parade all the LeMons cars down the main street and then do the car inspections right in the heart of downtown. It’s the biggest party on the LeMons calendar, and one we look forward to every year. With 110 teams showing up, it’s not possible to cover all of the great cars we saw, so we’ll just hit the highest of the high points here.

11 - LeMons South ParadeThe big news, of course, was the NSF Racing Nash Statesman. Following hallowed NSF tradition, the team obtained a complete basket-case car, swapped in a random engine (in this case a small-block Chevy V8 of unknown-but-suspect provenance), cut-and-pasted other parts found in the weeds behind NSF HQ in Florida, installed a cage, and called it a race car. The car showed up after the parade was over, and it isn’t quite ready for the tech inspection yet, but we know it will race on Saturday, one way or another.

02 - LeMons South ParadeThe Tunachuckers have returned with their majestic 1975 Ford LTD Landau, now equipped with an .060″-over 460 engine pulled from a motorhome.

01 - LeMons South ParadeThat’s 472 cubic inches, which is the largest-displacement engine currently racing in LeMons (though still short of the 540 cubic inches in the radial aircaft engine-powered Crushed Red Pepper Toyota MR2).

12 - LeMons South ParadeCheech & Chong were there, driving a Volkswagen Super Beetle.

13 - LeMons South ParadeThe Swedish Chef is racing his Saab 900.

03 - LeMons South ParadeWe’ve had a couple of Triumph TR7s converted to TR8s via a junkyard Rover V8 swap prior to this race, but this is the first genuine TR8 we’ve ever seen in our series. Class C (where the slow and/or blow-uppy cars compete), of course.

10 - LeMons South ParadeThree Pedal Mafia, seen here with their “Punk Snot Dead” theme, run a TR7 with supercharged GM 3800 swap. Can it beat the TR8?

08 - LeMons South ParadeThe WWF and their Honda Civic were in full effect during the parade.

05 - LeMons South ParadeThe real excitement was caused by the appearance of the first BMW Z3 in LeMons history. While it’s theoretically possible to sell off enough parts from a car like this to qualify for our $500 budget, most teams show up with a list of parts bought and sold scrawled in crayon on a stained paper plate… and we hammer them with billions of penalty laps.

04 - LeMons South ParadeTo our mounting amazement, however, this team provided a thick and well-organized stack of documentation, convincing evidence that they had indeed started with a wrecked insurance-auction car and then sold off thousands of dollars worth of Z3 interior and trim parts. We wanted to bury them in penalty laps, but in the end they passed the inspection unscathed. We’ll see how this sorts out on the race track.

14 - LeMons South ParadeIt’s going to be an exciting race weekend, so be sure to check in here later to see what happens!

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