Lemons Rally, Retreat From Moscow 2018: Day 2 in North Carolina

A surprising number of Lemons Rally stragglers have arrived in Cornelius, North Carolina, after Day 2 of the Retreat From Moscow Rally. The first day found teams traveling to Virginia Beach from the start at Moscow, Pennsylvania. For the second day, teams spent nearly the whole day driving around the surprisingly large state of North Carolina.


Like the Polar Bear Plunge on Day 1, this one featured a special challenge. Competitors were encouraged to spend the day gathering supplies to build a glider. Naturally, they met in Kill Devil Hills in the shadow of the Wright Brothers Monument. They tested their aeronautical design skills. Suffice to say, the Wrights would scarcely have been impressed.


And then there’s this.

Some competitors took the 200-point detour down the Outer Banks, complete with lighthouses and ferry rides. The Straight Outta Crapton Chevy Impala overtook the points lead with a big day and was still chasing down checkpoints as of midnight. That—plus the six quarts of oil they’ve put into the ailing straight-six—show some fierce dedication.


Elsewhere, the Retro-Tech team took their Plymouth Belvedere directly to the Richard Petty Museum to pay double homage to The King.


Day Three brings a run into the Great Smoky Mountains, including a gathering at the Tail of the Dragon at 1 p.m. Be sure to follow the Retreat From Moscow on Instagram via #LemonsRally, #RetreatFromMoscow, and @LemonsRally.


Check out the gallery below for even more photos from Day 2 and get caught up on Day 1 right here, while you’re at it.

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