Lemons Rally Retreat From Moscow 2018: Day 1

The fourth Lemons Rally—the roadgoing complement to the crapcan 24 Hours of Lemons racing series—has begun. This Retreat From Moscow Rally started in Moscow, Pennsylvania, and undertook its first day through Pennyslvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia to the end point in Virginia Beach.


Along the way was a Polar Bear Plunge for added points scoring, wherein rally competitors dove into the cold water near Ocean City, Maryland, as an affirmation that “Yes, I am not that smart.”


Since it’s late and you can find tons of great content on Instagram with the official hashtags #LemonsRally and #RetreatFromMoscow, we won’t belabor the point.


This whole story is best told in pictures, so click through the photo gallery below for highlights from the 68 cars and the Polar Bear Plunge. Then head over to Instagram to see more shenanigans.

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