LeMons Rally: The Early Arrivals

The LeMons Rally starts its long trek from Moscow, Pennyslvania, to Paris, Tennessee, on Tuesday, January 31, but the Rally staff managed to find a few early arrivals on Monday. The Retreat From Moscow Rally begins in Moscow, but most of the teams are overnighting in and around Scranton. That gave us the opportunity to take a look at three or four of the early arrivals while we waited for Roadkill’s entry to show up. The entry list keeps growing, too; we counted 58 entries last time we checked, which is up a dozen from just three days before.


This beautiful ’84 Cadillac Eldorado belongs to veteran Lemons racers. It’s clearly seen a few front-end-rearranging moments prior to becoming a Rally car.


The rear quarter wears killer Smokey and the Bandit truck mural, which is fitting because it is…


…that rarest of the limited ’84 Eldorados, THE SNOWMAN DESIGNER EDITION.


We’re expecting a lot of great American boats from the Malaise Era and this pristine ’87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue represents one of the final years of full-size, rear-wheel-drive Chrysler-dom. The wheels aren’t original, but they do have snow tires on the original wire wheels in the trunk in case the weather gets bad.


It’s not all big American cars, though. How about a beater Porsche 924? We’re expecting another of its siblings, the 944, to show up as well.


On the subject of German cars, Joerg Hagmann-Thomas shipped this ’91 Land Rover Defender 110 HT to South Carolina from his home in Heringsdorft, Germany. He then picked it up from the docks in South Carolina and was among the very first to arrive. We’re still not sure what prompted him to participate, but we’re pretty excited to see this.


Another of the early arrivals was the Knoxvegas Lowballers’ “Sputter,” a 1988 Mercedes 560SL. This is an actual 24 Hours of LeMons car with a rollcage that is also registered for street use with a license plate and the full deal. They’ll run the rally and then race at the season-opening 24 Hours of LeMons race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, immediately after running the 2,000 road miles.


Several other teams will be doing the same, including the completely insane 250-horsepower Volkswagen Beetle that belongs to New Jersey LeMons racers Sinical Racing. They tore the whole car apart just a few days to put in a transmission with a limited-slip differential “in case they ran into crappy roads.” Or to make it capable of running 11s. It grips pretty well.


If you’ve been following Roadkill social media, you likely have seen that Freiburger and Finnegan will be running this two-door ’78 Lincoln Continental. No, it’s not a Mark III; this is a Continental that has had two doors’ worth of body removed. It has a gutless 400 cubic-inch V8, an immense mold colony, and no heater. We love it.

Here’s a quick Facebook live with a half-dozen of the early arrivals at the LeMons Rally. We’ll have lots more coverage here on Roadkill.com, on the LeMons Rally Facebook page, and on Roadkill social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) from the rest of this week.

When Freiburger was car shopping, he rejected quite a few machines for being too good. Here’s a look at what you won’t see on the rally.

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  1. That German LandRover is wearing French plates (check the left hand side). The 39 on the other side tells you it’s from the département of Jura, on the border with Switzerland.
    It looks pretty similar to my brother’s landie, except his is RH-drive, doesn’t have rear windows, and is much, much, dirtier.

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