Late to the party? Try These Roadkill Host Halloween Costumes!

It’s Monday and in true Roadkill fashion, we haven’t made any plans for Halloween other than heading to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. Of course, we’re currently living a late-October horror show of wrenching—that’s called “a day” in our lives—but maybe we’ll find some kind of last-minute party this weekend and need a poorly planned costume. If you’re in that boat, too, then we have just the solution for you: Roadkill host Halloween costumes!

We’ve put in a few required bits with some other things that would complete the image with optional items. Of course, duct tape and zip-ties go with all of these.


Classic David Freiburger, Roadkill Host

Difficulty Level: Easy

Required: Sandals and a baseball cap are not even a little optional. Don’t forget camouflage shorts. Add in a T-shirt from Roadkill, Car Craft, Hot Rod Magazine, or any of the events he’s attended as a Hot Rod/CC/Roadkill staffer: Older and holier is better. Double points for anything Bonneville-related.

Optional: Bloody knuckle gloves from the Roadkill store. Eau d’melted tire scent. Ability to nap anywhere, anytime.

Inspiration: Most any video the guys shoot in Southern California. There’s plenty of good Freiburger look in the Swap-Meet Speed/Roadkill Nights episode from 2016.


Classic Mike Finnegan, Roadkill Host

Difficulty Level: Easy

Required: Roadkill shirt with jeans or Dickies-style work shorts. Beard or goatee (some assembly required) and low-top tennis shoes. Don’t forget a baseball cap.

Optional: Specifically, you should find a Flying Spaghetti Monster hat. That’s what “FSM” is, right?

Inspiration: Episode 58 where Finnegan scores a Datsun minitruck. That’s close to peak Finnegan.


Homeless Dave

Difficulty Level: Medium

Required: Decades-old flannel shirt. If you don’t own an old one, buy a thrift-store flannel and drive over it a few times, wipe down your valve covers with it, and let a dog sleep on it for a week. Five to seven days’ of untended facial hair growth. Fuzzy hat.

Optional: Mullet-length hair out the back of beanie or baseball cap. Wrap up in a blanket for full Homeless Dave effect. Keep a handful of Dzus fasteners to “fix” everything you’ve hacked apart with a Sawzall.

Inspiration: Episode 62 (Jeep Rescue with Rick Péwé) or Episode 48 (Harry Tow Meets Pigpen) both have some quality Homeless Dave moments. And that photo above is from the very first Roadkill episode Episode 37 of Roadkill:

337Finnegan Hemi Rebuild 1 and 2

Thrashing Finnegan

Difficulty Level: Medium

Required: Welding mask and safety glasses. Look of resignation balanced with extra sarcasm. A minor injury or two.

Optional: Burned-out reciprocating saw with a few dozen spent blades. Foam padding and bubble wrap to mitigate poorly thought-out stunts.

Inspiration: Roadkill’s first attempt to build Stubby Bob, but make sure you watch it become our greatest success, too.



Elana Scherr, Roadkill Magazine Editor

Difficulty level: Medium

Required: Roadkill shirt, Roadkill hat, shorts, sneakers. Walk around holding your phone up and your pants up because you forgot a belt, and host tons of awesome Facebook Live videos.

Optional: Heavy camera slung around neck, permanent ear damage from riding in HOT ROD Drag Week™ cars.

Inspiration: Episode 9 of Roadkill on HOT ROD Drag Week™ or the countless Facebook Live videos Elana has hosted.


Steve Dulcich, Roadkill Garage Host

Difficulty Level: Hard

Required: Incredible technical depth of Mopar knowledge. Like, scary amounts of it. Longish, unkempt hair. Blue T-shirt (almost always blue) with long shorts and low-top tennis shoes or loafers.

Optional: Two to 14 Dogs. Omnipresent Dart That Shall Not Be Touched™ from Roadkill Garage.

Inspiration: Dulcich talking with Freiburger about what makes a good burnout during a Q&A Roadkill Extra.

084OLOA 2017 Firebird Roadkill Episode

Tony Angelo, Breaks All of Our Stuff

Difficulty Level: Hard

Required: Sweet tattoos and all the dirt on professional drifters. Take lots of selfies with weird cars that you’ve built.

Optional: Trail of kitty litter everywhere you go for the day.

Inspiration: The episode where Tony breaks the Pontiac Firebird. Or the one where he breaks the El Camino. Or the time he broke Stubby Bob or, if you have MTOD, the time he broke Finnegan’s face.


Eric Rood, Roadkill Contributor/Lemons Judge

Difficulty level: Weird

Required: Wear a ratty old graduation robe and a dirty beanie or baseball cap. Insist everyone call you “Judge Eric.” Make a bizarre stencil and spray paint it on people’s hoopties. (Don’t really do that. -ER)

Optional: Satchel of Spaghettios. Wedge into normal conversation irrelevant analogies about pre-war race car engines and how most awful cars “weren’t that bad.”

Inspiration: The 24 Hours of Lemons archives here on

209Behind the Scenes Roadkill 65 Blown Impala vs. Turbo Rotsun

What kinds of other last-minute, Roadkill-caliber Halloween costumes can you come up with? And what details would you add to our costume ideas? The more we think about it, the more we’re describing our ideal action figures. Because who hasn’t envisioned themselves as a miniature plastic version?

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  1. used to be the king of automotive “last minute” costumes. working in auto parts there’s lots of cheap props to work with. My favorite, round air filter on my head, and a a chrome exhaust tip strapped to my butt with orange and yellow paper flames.. nothing like wandering around a Halloween party spouting “I’m a hot rod, wanna see my stick shift?” yup.. happened, and yes I was that idiot.. best Halloween ever…

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