Last Chance to Get Snakebit: Dodge Extends 2017 Viper Sales

Shake out those couch cushions and reach under the car seats because you’ve got one last chance to buy a brand new Dodge Viper. While Chrysler initially closed ordering for the Viper and the top-trim ACR on October 7 and September 27, respectively, new estimates on supplier production have reopened orders for 2017 Vipers, the last year that they will be built.

Tim Kuniskis, head of Dodge, told The Detroit News that part of the availability stemmed from waiting on the massive carbon wings for Viper ACRs, which held up a number of orders. Kuniskis also said “The demand for ACR is off the charts…They will sell out quickly.”

Despite the last-minute demand for the ACR, there won’t be Vipers beyond the 2017 model year. Production of which will end by the middle of next year. That means new Vipers are set to be an endangered species and while orders will be hard to come by, one North Carolina dealership ordered 135 of the last-year Vipers, including many with one-off paint.

The Viper ACR is track-ready and the immense carbon-fiber wing makes for fine sleeping, so our editor claims. As a promotion for the car, SRT development driver Chris Winkler smashed 11 production-car lap records with the ACR. Roadkill’s pro driver Randy Pobst went on to slay the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca lap record in the ACR, obliterating the previous best time set by the seven-figure Porsche 918. You can watch Randy driving the Viper ACR on MotorTrend’s Head 2 Head below.

Randy doesn’t even really like the Viper, so the fact that he says it is fast means something. The folks at HOT ROD on the other hand, love the Viper. When our now-editor Elana was at HOT ROD, she did several long roadtrips and track days in Vipers, proving that even the slow and cowardly can go quick with 640hp and super sticky tires. When you put someone fast and brave in the car, like say, racer Kevin Wesley, then you can do amazing things, like almost win the class at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Whatever you want to do with a Viper, you’ve got one last chance to buy one. When you do, can we drive it?

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