Junkyard Quiz (10/21): What Is This Shipywreck-Grade Rustheap?

In last weekend’s junkyard quiz, we showed you an easily identifiable AMC recessed door handle. Many of you figured out that it was an ‘81 Concord, which was mighty impressive. Roadkill fans know their AMCs. This weekend, we want to share with you one of the most impressively corroded junkyard cars we’ve ever seen Can you tell what it is from one cropped photo?


Maybe an uncropped version of the same photo will help?


Yes, it’s a later Jaguar XJ6! Sure, we’ve already had an XJ6 Junkyard Quiz before, but this one was so rusty that we had to share it as well.



When we first saw it, we initially thought that it had survived a fire. If it had, however, neither the interior nor the engine bay would have been so clean. Both were as impeccable as you’d find in a 30-year-old luxury car.


It really looks like a car that lived its life outdoors just a few feet from the ocean. Everything on the exterior was deeply pitted with rust running down it.


Since we’ve already talked about the Jaguar XJ racing cars, we won’t spend retread that bit. However, the absent rear wheels make it easy to see Jaguar’s inboard brake system. You’ll notice the absence of a brake disc or drum at the wheel hub.


That rear disc brake sits inside of the rear subframe above the mount for the rear control arm. Ever wonder why Jaguar service is expensive? You’re looking at it.


Anyway, click on the gallery below to see more of this impressive rust. Have you ever seen a car oxidize like this? What were the conditions around it?

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