It’s Twins! Dulcich Meets Side By Side Cummins In A 1970 Dodge Sweptline Pickup

015SEMA 2017 Twin Engine Dodge

The Roadkill crew is at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, and in between autograph signings, we’ve been searching out the best and most Roadkilly SEMA cars to show you. This mostly means finding stuff to show each other, and then agreeing about how great it is and then talking about how great it is for long after we’ve moved on to something else.

002SEMA 2017 Twin Engine Dodge

Example, Elana taking Roadkill Garage host Steve Dulcich over to see a 1970 Dodge D200 in the IceBox Performance booth. “Oh of course Dulcich liked the Dodge Sweptline,” you say, but just wait, there’s more! Not one but two 5.9 Cummins 12-valve diesels are sharing space in the Dodge’s engine bay. Watch Steve lose his mind, and his dignity. For the record, we really ambushed poor Mallory with a ton of questions, and she knew a lot about the truck. Can’t blame her for getting flustered when confronted with the glory of Dulcich in full pony-tail. One thing Steve did have right though, for sure the fenders were cut.

If you were wincing at Steve’s good game and missed the details, the truck is on a custom frame, has a four-link rear, and rides on air bags all the way around.

008SEMA 2017 Twin Engine Dodge

The engines are yoked together at the gearbox and their combined input goes back through a 5-inch driveshaft to a narrowed Dana 70. The two engines are each compound turbocharged, for a combined total of four spinning snails between them. Four wheel discs bring the nose-heavy beast to a stop. Inside is an array of split screen SpeedHut gauges to keep tabs on the twins. Neat.

010SEMA 2017 Twin Engine Dodge

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