ICON’s Derelict Oldsmobile Heads To SEMA, Looks Roadkill, Doesn’t Overheat

Remember the rusty ‘56 Buick that that Freiburger and Finnegan hacked from a shrubbery in Episode 53 of Roadkill? That derelict Buick perched on the narrow precipice of “Too Far Gone,” but what happens when a car has fallen off that cliff into Rust Rot Gully? Well, the car can either be crushed into iron-oxide dust and a bit of scrap steel or it can end up like one of ICON’s Derelict cars with the original finish preserved but modern everything underneath. The latest of ICON’s Derelict cars is this 1946 Oldsmobile 76 Coupe, which was pulled out of California’s Central Valley and given a new lease on life.


Unlike the way we hacked together our ‘56 Buick, ICON draped the ‘46 Olds body over a custom-built chassis with modern suspension and steering along with four-wheel disc brakes. The fuel system was modernized, as well, which is good because—most importantly—under the hood lurks a 502 cubic-inch, Hillborn-injected Big Block Chevy. The interior is high-end designer stuff, but we can forgive the fanciness because the stock gauge cluster was used, albeit with modern gauges.


The whole project took more than a year for the Los Angeles-based custom shop to complete and it will be on display at SEMA next week in Optima Battery’s booth. It’s not quite Roadkill-quality, but we’re glad to see any mid-century iron getting repurposed rather than returning to the earth. Check the gallery for more on ICON’s gorgeously reborn ‘46 Olds.

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