HOT ROD’s ’55 Chevy Gasser Has Gone Streaking

She’s buck naked now. We’ve made some serious progress on our ’55 Chevy Gasser. While we get ready to build permanent engine mounts for the 426 Hemi and Jim Meyer Racing chassis, the body has made its way from National Sandblasting ( in Los Angeles to Hot Rods & Hobbies ( in Signal Hill, California, to address all the hidden damage we found after the layers upon layers of paint, high build primer and body filler were removed using various plastic and mineral material. Luckily, there weren’t any Flintstone-size holes in the sheetmetal but the car had been tagged in the rear, crumpling both quarter panels and trunk. It also looks like the car had a roof visor at some point because we found indentations and rivets beneath the filler, too. The original repair work looked like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder got together and opened a body shop and their first paying job before the shop burned to the ground in a freak hair gel fire was our ’55. But, we’ve got fresh metal coming from Classic Industries and soon the car will be straight enough to be a respectable street/strip racer. Check the pics.

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