HooptieCon: Join the Crapcannes Film Festival and the Great Engine-Heat BBQ Cookoff

The 24 Hours of Lemons has patched together the first-ever HooptieCon, which will debut at Sonoma Raceway on March 24. That event coincides with Sears Pointless Confusingly Presented by Yokohama, a “normal Lemons race, and it will feature a whole pile of car shows full of not-quite-classics from Radwood, Billetproof, Concours d’Lemons, the Gambler 500, Arcane Auto Society, and Lemons Rally.

HooptieCon will also feature two contests open to all attendees: the Crapcannes Film Festival and The Great Engine-Heat BBQ Cookoff. Here’s the scoop on those along with infomation on how to participate.


Crapcannes Film Festival

Lemons is nothing if not photogenic, but HooptieCon recognizes that most car events can be photogenic, too. Especially the stupid ones. The Crapcannes Film Festival will finish the official HooptieCon activities in the evening with a collection of short films, hopefully among the most entertaining, funny, and generally crappy automotive videos from recent years.


That said, this is the first film festival Lemons has attempted to put together, so nobody is quite sure what to expect. HooptieCon is taking suggestions and submissions for Crapcannes and features in the show will be only slightly less prestigious than that French movie gathering that only film snobs give a crap about.

If you have a favorite film or video from the last year (or so) or you’d like to submit your own piece of footage—like this one, for example—fire an email to Lemons’ Perp Eric Rood (eric@24hoursoflemons.com) with your submission and a (very) brief description. We can’t guarantee all submissions will be used in the final show, mostly because we’ll be using a Lemons-grade projector while Judge Steve shouts the audio through a megaphone.


The Great Engine-Heat BBQ Cookoff

In more than a decade of the 24 Hours of Lemons, racers have built automotive food-preparation units that run the gamut from appalling rabbit-smoking appliances (above) to heater-core hotboxes. Most would send the health department—and possibly the Center for Disease Control—into DefCon-13 lockdown, but we figured that HooptieCon, the celebration of automotive rustomods and neo-crap, was the perfect venue for a friendly rust-flaked cooking competition.

The first-ever Great Engine-Heat BBQ Cook-Off will give HooptieCon attendees the chance to show off both their ingenuity in constructing shadetree Rube Goldberg Cooking Devices and their proclivity in perfecting the “oil-smoked brisket” without poisoning anybody (much).


Because we all know racers love rules, here are the basics:

1) You must use engine heat only to cook your food. You can harness that in whatever way you want, but try not to set fire to yourself, others, or the paddock.
2) There are no food “classes,” per se. This is a cook-what-ya-brung contest and entries will be judged on their own merits (or lack thereof).
3) Try not to poison the judges. We probably shouldn’t have to make this a “rule,” but here we are.
4) All rules are subject to change because we have no idea what the hell people will come up with.

Sound like a proper challenge? You can enter The Great Engine Heat BBQ Cook-Off by sending an email to Lemons Perp Eric Rood (eric@24hoursoflemons.com), at which time he’ll provide some more info.


Visit the official HooptieCon website for spectator tickets and more info as well as information on all the HooptieCon events.

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