High-Flying, Three-Wheeling Stadium Super Trucks On A Street Circuit Is What You Need

What do you get when you take 10 off-road trucks with professional drivers and you make them race around a street circuit littered with jumps? You get the unadulterated awesomeness known as Stadium Super Trucks. Founded and run by former stock car and active off-road racer Robby Gordon, SST embodies all of your childhood diecast-car racing adventures in real life. Before each short race, the series sets out mandatory ramps for the competitors to launch from. There’s always a bit of body rubbing and the whole insanity is ratcheted up by the trucks’ massive suspension travel that leaves them three-wheeling through most corners. It’s that kind of brilliance and deviation of purpose that gets a Roadkill-approved stamp.

It’s worth noting that Robby Gordon’s series does run several events on dirt, including a hill climb. However, the former IndyCar racer also likes to take his show to the fans, which means tagging onto street-circuit races as a support series for IndyCar and Australia’s SuperCars Series. It’s all phenomenally entertaining and, what’s best, you can watch replays of all the rounds on Stadium Super Trucks’ YouTube Channel.

To get you through your day, here are the two rounds from last weekend’s St. Petersburg Grand Prix in Florida.

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