Here’s Our January 2018 Motor Trend OnDemand Schedule For Roadkill, HRG, Roadkill Garage, And More

The best part of Roadkill is being able to call partially delivered results a success. As in: “The Rotsun runs (for a little while and then explodes).” Or “Stubby Bob made the greatest wheelstand of all time (but you didn’t want us to do it safely, right?).” You know, that kind of stuff.

With that in mind, we’ve managed to pull together our MotorTrendOnDemand schedule for 2018. Well, part of 2018. OK, just January 2018 for now. Commenters do take notice: We listened to your suggestions about having shows bunched together and we think we’ve spread everything out much better. We’re pretty excited about the variety and the spacing of shows coming out to begin the year.


We’re still working on the logistics—a new thing for us, really—of planning, filming, and releasing so many episodes this year, so forgive the madness as we assemble the complete MTOD production schedule. We will, of course, continue to bring you new Roadkill Extras  on MTOD as well as great motorsports coverage and features.

December 29 – Junkyard Gold, Episode 3
January 1 – Roadkill Garage, Episode 26
January 3 – Engine Masters, Episode 30
January 8 – Dirt Every Day, Episode 73
January 10 – Ignition, Episode 187
January 15 – Hot Rod Garage, Episode 61
January 17 – Head 2 Head, Episode 98
January 22 – Roadkill, Episode 74
January 24 – Junkyard Gold, Episode 4
January 29 – Roadkill Garage, Episode 27
January 31 – Engine Masters, Episode 31

Yep, we’re starting the year off right with two Roadkill Garage and two Engine Masters episodes in January. We’ll even give you some spoilers for the New Year:


Junkyard Gold, Episode 3 (12/29/2017): Steve Magnante finds things in northeast Pennsylvania that we know Roadkill Nation loves: a cab-forward Jeep, a ‘67 Fairlane GTA, and a Petty Blue ‘73 Road Runner.


Roadkill Garage, Episode 26 (1/1/2018): Freiburger and Dulcich dig into their four-door ‘40 Ford (the Forty Ford Fordor) and enjoy some rum-running, backroads bootleggin’ style drivin’.


Engine Masters, Episode 30 (1/3/2018): Our resident experts Freiburger, Dulcich, and Steve Brule of Westech compare E85 ethanol from our friends at Rockett Brand with 118-octane race gas.

Also, we now have functional commenting on MotorTrendOnDemand now. That means you can tell us what you like (or hate) about an episode, ask us questions there, and interact with other fans right on the same page as the episode.

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    I am sure you can make this a totally low budget RoadKill . Crew cab Fairmont or a same vintage Grenader (Granada) or even the Thunderturd of that era. beautiful place for a wrecking yard ls based engine with a duramax turbo, and of course no hood #because RoadKill

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