Here Are The Roadkill YouTube Episode Release Dates Through January 2018

Hey everybody, you can stop panicking. We promise. Roadkill isn’t off YouTube and we’re not holding out on you and Finnegan is still on the show. We took a month off from production—like we do every year—and there was no new episode put up on YouTube in February as a result. Fret not, a new episode is coming to YouTube on March 24 and because we want our fans to know the score, we’re going to give you all the YouTube release dates for Roadkill through January 2018. We repeat, here are all the Roadkill YouTube episode release dates for the coming year. Now, stop yelling at Freiburger on Instagram. You’re making him sad.


009-Roadkill Show YouTube Schedule 2017

We’ve listed the first four episodes because you’ve probably seen that we’ve been out shooting them. We won’t tip our hand for the rest of the year’s production schedule, but you can expect more fantastic adventures with Roadkill cars new and old this year.

022-Roadkill Show YouTube Schedule 2017

The mathematically inclined will notice that shows move to YouTube 35 days after their release on MotorTrendOnDemand. To make life easier on you, here are the release dates for all 2017 episodes on MotorTrendOnDemand and the corresponding YouTube dates. As always, the episodes will be found on the MotorTrend YouTube Channel.

The release  dates are in an image file that you can save, print, or share to your heart’s content.

Roadkill_YT_Release_Dates021-Roadkill Show YouTube Schedule 2017

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