“Hemi’nsanity” At Milan Dragway

The excitement around Woodward Dream Cruise isn’t just about one day of cruising, but all the surrounding activities put on by local clubs and tracks. One parking lot will be a Buick cruise, around the corner will be 25 Corvettes, and at a local dragstrip, a whole pride of Hellcats with go supercharger to supercharger and other Hemi-powered machinery will fight for the title of fastest 5.7 or whatever.

045-Racing A Hellcat at Heminsanity 2016

Race promotor Dan VanHorn invited us to join him and the Modern Street Hemi Shootout crew at Milan Dragway near Ann Arbor, Michigan, and you know how we feel about going to races. Good! We feel good about it! Dodge lent us a Hellcat and even threw in some sticky tires with instructions to light ‘em up, so we did. The track was hot, and even though the Milan crew was diligent in prepping, there wasn’t much that could be done about the temperature and humidity, at least not in our stock Hellcat. We managed an 11.37 pass which wasn’t too awful. Plenty of other racers made up for lost power with nitrous squeezes and tune adjustments and we saw some very fast passes, including a couple of 8-second runs by current Roadkill Nights Champion, Troy Aves in his 1967 Dart.

The quick Jeeps were crowd favorites, but our personal winner would have to be Joe Siefker’s 1968 Charger. The blue Dodge looked stock until he popped the hood to show off a bored and stroked third-gen Hemi with Indy cylinder heads, TTI headers, and a 12-second time slip. Very cool.

066-Racing A Hellcat at Heminsanity 2016

The Mopar folks have plans to attend Roadkill Nights, so maybe we’ll see some rematches from Milan. In the meantime, enjoy all the Hemis and burnouts.

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