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We’re pretty much perfect as is, but just in case there’s a tiny chance that we could do better, we’d like to know about it.

If you’re reading this, then you got here somehow, so maybe let us know in the comments if you came through Facebook, or you visit the home page everyday, or you clicked a Twitter link or what. Then go ahead and tell us why you come to

Do you like seeing more about Roadkill episode filming or car details?

266Behind the Scenes Roadkill 65 Blown Impala vs. Turbo RotsunThere’s a lot that happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Do you want ideas for your own projects?

Our buyer’s guides have been the most popular of any posting. What would you like suggestions on for the next one?


Do you like racing stuff? (haha, we can see the analytics, we know you guys don’t like racing stuff…but we’ll keep posting it anyway, ’cause Eric and I *heart* racing.)

That’s Mendy Fry. She’s cool.

Do you like new car info? Again ^^^^, so we know you like seeing Dodge Demon news, no matter how much you claim the opposite on Facebook. If you do or don’t like new car stuff, tell us why. We are generally trying to make our new car stuff a little more real lifey, and less about fancy press trips and tracks you’ll never get to drive. Is that cool, or do you prefer more straight forward review?

162-#DailyDriverViperTaking fancy cars to all-night diners is our jam.

The most popular stories we’ve posted tend to be car features, or truck features, actually. Wanna see more like that? Got any leads or shops we should check out?

051-1937 International Trophy Rat Pick UpThis truck is so badass, no wonder it’s in the top 5 stories we’ve ever posted.

What other car sites do you visit? Share some links with us, so we can steal all their good ideas and leave flaming bags of dog poo outside their office doors.

How does the website work for you? Are there broken links? Issues with RK Nation? (trick question, we know there are issues with RK Nation) Can you find what you are looking for easily enough? Would you like more HOT ROD Garage or other MTOD links?

We want to be the best terrible car site on the internet, so tell us what you want to see, and remember, what you click on is what we assume you like, so if you want more Ford Mustang stories, read the Ford Mustang stories!



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6 thoughts on “Help Us Make Even Better

  1. The biggest thing I’d like to see happen to the site is a refresh of the Roadkill Project cars pages. More in depth articles, similar to a wiki page. It would be cool to click on a project car and see what episodes it was in, tech specs, interesting trivia, etc. Also, a lot of the projects are missing!
    For RK Nation, a dedicated list of all featured cars would be cool. Maybe a forum at some point? The activity wall isn’t really designed well for social interaction. A real forum setup with dedicated subs for ideas, RK Nation applications, general discussion, feedback, etc. would be nice!
    Car detail articles, buyer’s guides, and behind the scenes are all good. Keep it up!

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  2. I love Roadkill, you peeps have been rocking it for a while, but with that having been said, here’s what I think would be cool …

    Agree with Keegan, more details on all the Roadkill vehicles would be spectacular.
    I would love to see more Roadkill truck features and buyer’s guides for buildable trucks. I think it was Freiburger that said they’re just muscle cars with more storage or some such thing. 🙂

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  3. I don’t know if you guys know this, but the “X Every Day” episodes on MOTD, especially with how hardcore Dave is in doing them and making them good are perfect. Turn that concept into articles? Shit if I know how to, but I check MOTD daily.

    Project Car Updates. Non-RK but awesome Car Features. Murilee / Lemons / Junkyard stuff. Tech stuff. Freiburger / Pewe / Dulcich / other old magazine guy stories from the past.

    I pretty much only visit this site based on Facebook posts that interest me (such as your post for this topic), maybe I should give the homepage another chance but in general the few times I have done so I open *maybe* one article and move on.

    I know that you guys are good buddies with Bangshift, and I visit them daily but not you. I don’t know if I can explain why…

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  4. Love the behind the scenes stuff, more in depth coverage on the Roadkill cars would be good. Personally I dig the racing stuff, love the LeMons coverage, and what I think would be the right niche for Roadkill in general terms of racing coverage, is a focus on the more underground and bucks-down areas of motorsport that often don’t see much coverage….if you’re familiar with it, a good example of what I’m getting at was Cole Coonce’s “Nitronic Research” project a few years ago – he focused on the underground side of nitro racing, like the nostalgia guys and the self-funded match race guys, leaving the pro stuff to the traditional outlets. That type of underground mentality, but not limited to drag racing, in my eyes would be a great fit for motorsports coverage on Roadkill.

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