Hello, It’s Me, Your New Editor at Roadkill

Welp. Uh, Hi! If you’ve been here at Roadkill.com all along, wow, thanks for your patience. If you’re new, thanks for coming over. I’m Elana, I’m new too. Freiburger has foolishly given me some power in the role of editor here and for the Roadkill print magazine, and I plan to abuse that power until someone notices and makes me stop.

First off, what’s Roadkill.com all about? Well, it started with the Roadkill show on YouTube, where Freiburger and Finnegan were having so much fun that it didn’t all fit in one show a month, so Fred brought in some off-road wackiness with Dirt Every Day and now Freiburger and Dulcich are putting into play even more terrible ideas on Roadkill Garage. You need Motor Trend on Demand (MTOD) for that one. It’s worth it. Lots of fixing things with fire and also good farm dogs. But you guys wanted even more. More insane builds and more basic repairs and just plain more fun with cars and trucks and motorcycles and bikes and boats and airplanes and you know, fun stuff. So we started a print magazine for you. It comes out four times a year and it’s big and glossy and the photos look really good. We also started this website, where we plan to give you as much behind-the-scenes info and action about Roadkill as we can, and hopefully share your stories too.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the reason you all like Roadkill is because the guys are having a good time, and while they always want to succeed, they aren’t that bummed if they fall just a little (or a lot) short. It’s pretty relatable, and more than that, it’s inspiring. What’s the saying, “If it was easy everyone would do it?” Well, it’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There’s a tendency in every hobby to make rules. No matter how rebellious the start, eventually there’s someone telling you that you’re punk-rocking wrong, or hacking wrong or hot-rodding wrong. Roadkill isn’t going to ever tell you that you’re Roadkilling wrong. There may be rules, but the rules don’t apply to us. Let’s do what we want.

Here’s what I want. I want to build some projects and keep my cars running—I have 12. Some are good. Most are not. I’ll share all of that with you. I want to bring you more photos and videos from what Freiburger, Finn, Dulcich and Fred are doing. Why is Fred the only one I don’t use the last name for? Dunno. Life is weird like that. His last name is Williams, it’s a perfectly fine last name. I’m gonna drive new cars when I get the chance, visit shops and schools and junkyards, and find out what you all are doing with your own projects. So let me know what you’re doing! Send me photos, pitch me stories, tell me about cool cruises or races in your hometown. This is your space, let’s fill it with your great (and terrible) ideas.


Email Elana and all the Roadkill crew at theguys@roadkill.com (Shall we all agree that guys is non-gendered? It’s so much easier that way.)

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27 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me, Your New Editor at Roadkill

    1. I love HOT ROD madly and if they’ll have me, I’ll gladly keep writing for the mag over there too. Probably not quite as much though. I expect you guys to keep me pretty busy. We can go off-road in Mexico here too!

  1. Hey Elana,

    Welcome aboard! I’m so glad you’re here because I haven’t been able to get ahold of the guys and have some custom Roadkill key chains that I made for them, you, and the crew but don’t know where to send them. Please send me the mailing address and I’ll ship them to your attention.

    Thank you!

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