Happy Halloween, RK Nation: Here Are Your Scary Stories and a Couple Of Ours, Too

If you’ve been around cars, you’ve undoubtedly had some scary moments in and around those cars. Last weekend, we asked you for your scariest automotive horror stories on Facebook, and here they are. We were going to put together a Roadkill Halloween costume guide, but since this is Roadkill, we ran out of time. You can always go as Freiburger (flannel jacket over Roadkill shirt, black hat, camo shorts, and flip-flops) or Finnegan (Black hat, beard, Roadkill shirt, dark cargo shorts, sneakers), or just slap a bunch of duct tape and zip ties on yourself and go as any of our cars. Here are some of our best scary stories for your Halloween celebrating, starting with those from Roadkill staff.

Nearly Blasted Blasphemi

I think my scariest moment just happened. I almost crashed the ’55 [Blasphemi] last month at Brainerd. I made my fastest pass to the 8th but was out of the groove. I could feel it moving towards the wall. I’ve crashed cars and it wasn’t as scary as almost crashing. Like the Gremlin, when that happened it was over so fast. This was a bad decision and I had time to think about how it would be bad. Then it was fine, but it was scary up to then. – Finnegan

Freiburger Doesn’t Get Scared Until He Does

I don’t really get scared. I should, but I don’t. Like, spinning the Bonneville car was a theoretical scare, but I wasn’t scared. Maybe that’s my foolishness. Once it’s over, it’s over. Other people’s driving scares me, especially off road near cliffs. When I was editor at 4-Wheel & Off-Road, I had to ride with people off road and I remember being pretty freaked. Oh wait! I have one. When I was taking the Camaro to Bonneville on the ramp truck and I came around a corner on a two-lane road and there was a truck and trailer blocking the whole road and I had to either drive through the trailer or off into the dark shoulder. I went off into the shoulder. That was scary because I had plenty of time to realize my fate depended on my decision. – Freiburger

A Fate Worse Than Death

Actually, the most scared I ever was on a car was stuck in traffic in a Viper having to pee so bad that I thought I would wet my pants and be the person who peed their pants in a Viper. It’s just another example of how I fear humiliation more than death. – Elana

Tired New Yorker

When I was 16, I hung out with a friend who had a death wish and a ‘74 Chrysler New York. On a whim, the two of us and another friend decided to try meeting up with some girls a couple towns over—There’d be room to spare with six in a New Yorker—so we piled in and figured we’d surprise them by making the 20-minute drive in about 8. My buddy was cruising at highly extralegal speeds when he issued an expletive and lifted off throttle. A bang soon followed and I saw dozens of  black bits float over the acres of hood and hit the windshield in front of me. After a few seconds, I realized those were the remnants of the front-right tire. My first instinct was to look at the speedometer; seeing the speedo needle pointing still considerably higher than the posted speed limit was probably the most frightened I’ve ever been in a car.

Somehow, my friend kept 5,000-pound monster on the narrow two-lane road until he was only doing about 30, when he slid to a stop in a relatively shallow ditch. The tire carcass was basically about five wires stuck in one chunk of rubber and the wheel was all but red hot. With some time to kill before we could put a lug wrench on it without torching our hands, the three of us walked back and found rubber and wheel gouges in the asphalt for most of a mile. – Eric Rood


‘R’, ‘4’ What’s the Difference?

Went for a show-off ride in a bloke’s car, 351 Cleveland, C4 auto. This was his dad’s car,
his car was a Datsun with a gearbox that had 5th down then back and 4th up near the dash.
So we are cruising down the road and he decided to show off. Thought he was in his car and slammed it back to 4th…[except the] C4 auto doesn’t have 4th gear. And if it did, it wouldn’t be up where reverse was. Needless to say, it launched the box off the motor, sent us airborne. I thought we were going to die. – Dale Miller

How Hard Could it Be?

I was part of a crew on a 10.5 Outlaw car back in ’02. The driver and I were BS’ing back and forth and I mouthed off that I could make a good pass in the car. Even though I’d never driven anything near that fast. So a day before a race, he challenged me to do it. I lifted twice and still trapped at over 130. I had to pull the fire suit out of my ass with a pry bar. – Joe Pospisil

Autobahn Pileup

Driving on the Autobahn in Germany in the early morning in an old Volvo doing about a 110 mph (perfectly legal on that stretch of road). We drove under a bridge and behind that bridge there was suddenly very dense fog. I let go of the gas, but up ahead we saw faint brake lights. It was the tail end of a traffic jam. I could barely stop in time (the shifter even popped out of gear) and I saw an Audi A8 coming closer fast in my rear view mirror. He crashed into the center guardrail, missing my car by inches. A BMW then crashed into the car in the right lane, right next to me. I had no damage whatsoever, but i think my heart lost about 10 years worth of life right then. – Laurens Leemans-van der Donk

What’s the Opposite of Hill Climb?

Driving my Dad’s 73 Ford 3/4 ton with overloads, 390, 4 on the floor but don’t use first, ‘cuz that’s tree stump pulling gear. I was 17, we were on our way to a friend’s house near downtown Edmonton. I was driving because Dad was wearing a foam neck brace and couldn’t row gears properly with it on. Middle of winter. Headed up a steep hill near the Parliament buildings. Got partway up and came to an intersection with a stop sign. Made the mistake of trying to stop. Slowing down, slowing down, all of a sudden we’re going backwards down the hill, never did come to a stop. Then the truck is doing 360s while sliding backwards down the hill. Missed a couple parked cars by an inch or two, missed a street sign by even less and ended up stopped at the bottom of the hill, pointed downhill on the correct side of the road….and just shy of the major intersection at the bottom of the hill. Not a fun carnival ride for someone that grew up in the country away from traffic. I wasn’t even afraid for the truck, I was afraid for the cars it would have demolished if it had hit them! – Nate Cobb


My buddy invited me to his Baja club’s annual playday in the Hassayampa River bottom, we both only had permits but his older brother let him take me for a spin in his Baja. We were floored about to shift into fourth when we saw a 3 ft. drop off, which I admit isn’t huge but in a Bug it is. He downshifted and started braking but knew it was too late so he sped up. I braced myself with the roof and the dash and when we landed, my hand slide down the roof and broke his sectional rear view mirror in two. Rheinhardt Farr

Head to the Hood

1971 [Jeep] CJ5, Buick v6, no windshield, no seatbelts, seats were barely screwed down to the bits of shelving we made the brackets out of. Buddy trying to get a third-gear chirp when the hood came up and off. Hit both of us in the head hard enough to leave two perfect greasy melon-shaped dents in it. Luckily that was the hardest point on our bodies, allowing us to remain conscious long enough to toss the hood out of our laps and jerk the Jeep out of oncoming traffic. – David Allison

117- Burnouts and Wheelies Day 1 Roadkill Drag Week 2016

Drive the Wheels Off (the Ground)

I’m 18 years old, driving my mother’s ‘60 Impala, 348 ci/auto. West, on a long stretch of road, about midnight with my 16-year-old brother riding shotgun, I decide to open it up and have the speedo just over 110 mph. The front end feels funny, and very lightly I turn the wheel, and I’m still gaining speed, and staying straight. I turn the wheel just a bit more…still straight…instead of slowing down, not even thinking…I spin the wheel and it goes left till the wheel stops, can go no further. I realize that the front end is off the ground. I also realize, if I slow down, and the wheels aren’t straight, I will probably roll the car. So pushing 120 mph, my brother is sticking his head out the window, guiding me to get the wheels straight. The needle pegged, going on his word, that the wheels are finally straight, I let off the gas, and just slightly changed lanes, into oncoming traffic of which there was none…But we survived. It wasn’t Halloween, but it is the last time I drove that fast not at a drag strip. – Orion A. Bennett

Pole Position

Winter in an S10 pickup, hit black ice, fishtailed, and went through a horse pasture fence. One of the fenceposts, a real old heavy duty might’ve-been-a-telephone-pole-earlier-in-its-life fencepost, held on way too tightly to the barbwire fence. It wrenched itself out of the ground, came up off the grille, tumbled on the hood, went straight into the windshield, came within two inches of my face. Shattered glass in my hair, in my beard, in my friggin’ eyelids (outside, not in thankfully) but no injuries, not even a scratch from the glass. Seatbelts are the real deal. If I hadn’t been wearing mine, I’d have had a fencepost where my throat used to be. Tyler Eldred

What’s That Button For?

In high school, my buddy was slowly hopping his ‘72 Nova up when he had money. He had just finished something (didn’t tell me what). I was riding in the passenger’s seat and we head for the long straight road that we did speed runs on. We were about 1/2 way down the stretch and doing 70+ when he pulled the trigger on the nitrous that he just installed. Also happened to be about the time we hit some loose gravel. The car went sideways and I was suddenly looking at the direction of travel thru the passenger side window. Why we did not barrel roll I don’t know, but when the car came to a stop we both got out and took a break. – Steve Harris

El Camino: Spanish for Revenge?

I went for a ride with this coworker after just meeting her. We only went a block down the road and back. I hop into her 74 Beetle and she’s instantly on the throttle. No seat belts…. 1 loose bolt connecting the passenger seat to the floor; which swiveled and cantilevered around as she never let off the throttle through every turn, banging every gear, and running every red light.

I got my revenge, though. I took her for a ride in my 68 El Camino (daily driver at the time). She shot a snarky look as I fastened my lap belt. Little did she know it was merely to keep me from sliding across the bench seat. Women in horror movies don’t shriek as much as she did. – Charles Piel III


Do I Need All of These?

Was in a buddy’s Pontiac GTP and we were heading to the next town over and hit 140mph on a straight stretch. When we pulled into Wal-Mart, there was a weird wobble at low speed. Turns out he was missing 3 out of 5 lug nuts on one of the front tires and the other to we could back of with our fingers. He took one lug but from the other wheels. I rode home with another friend that met up with us. – Chris Jordan

Crazy Taxi

Vera Cruz, Mexico. Cab with plastic covers on seat, seat belts cable tied shut (except for driver who was wearing his) and zero F’s given for traffic laws/common sense. Think the seat covers were for when you crapped your pants. By far the most terrifying experiences in cars, took a while of decompressing after each ride. – Justin Doby


Going down rollercoaster road at 65+, coming over a hill getting airborne as usual, and on the descent the headlights hit the road where there is a deer standing looking up at the Dodge Ram flying towards it. All 6 of us scream bloody murder and the right front tire LANDS ON THE DEER literally ripping it in half. – Michael Rogers

Saved by the Donut Shop

Being chased by a guy with a gun that didn’t like the way my ‘71 Monte Carlo looked. Finally passed a donut shop (no joke) and a cop there saw us and caught him up the road. He had just got out of jail and that sent him back. – Robert Leonard

Between a Rock, Another Rock, and a Bunch of Luck

Got caught in freezing rain with my old 85 IORC in summer tires and no weight in the back. Went from driving home in the rain to completely blinded by ice coating every window and 0 traction. Did a 360 or two and ended up backwards in a field right between two large trees with 2 [feet] on either side of me. Most scared and luckiest I’ve ever been in a car for damn sure. – Jason Niederer

Two Go-Kart Incidents

On my go-kart when i was 12,  tie rod end broke off and sliced my brake line open heading toward a line of trees and a lake at about 25-30 mph. Ended up hitting a rock just hard enough to steer the dead wheel away from the tree. Or when my motor came unmounted in my old Geo a couple years ago. Heard a huge clunk and then there was a dent in the hood. – Robert Bays Jr

Not All Fixes Are Completed Equally

When a “friend” was a “fabricator” and “fixed” the floorboards in his car and we were driving down I-75 in Detroit and the bench seat fell through the floor rubbing on the drive shaft. Got out, walked away. Moral of the story: Just because you have a welder, don’t make you a welder. – Steve Smith

Itch That Needed Scratching

Leaving the Flint River with my buddy in my jacked-up ‘73 F100, I had a tire remove itself from my truck. It was a big, unbalanced super swamper, and I guess it just rattled the lug nuts loose. I did have my arm out the window and then went to scratch my nose and the tire came off and ripped the drivers side mirror off. I almost lost my arm that day. – William Peavy

Take the Wheel

Pulled the steering wheel off at 140+ just before the finish line. Took 4 or 5 tries to get it back on. Never left my lane, but a sphincter puckering moment for sure. Now I check that it’s fully engaged BEFORE I make a pass. – Spencer Phillips


Any time I had to merge with fast moving traffic while driving a 1988 Hyundai Excel. It was by far the most underpowered vehicle I have ever driven, not to mention small and probably easily crushed. – Eric Goodyear

Who Tows the Tow Truck?

Lost both right rear tires on my flatbed wrecker while I was loaded. I was on I-15 transition to I-80 so I was only running about 55 when all hell broke loose. It slid on the backing plate for about 1/4 mile before I managed to safely wrestle it the breakdown lane & get it stopped. One of the wheels jumped the barricade & ended up on a residential street that parallels the interstate. The trooper that rolled up had just been on the call that I’d just cleaned up. We had a good laugh but that was after my heart settled a bit. – Linus Yates


That’s all we’ve got for now, but feel free to share your scary stories on the Roadkill Facebook posts, the comments section below, and the RK Nation section of the website. Don’t have an account on RK Nation? You can sign up for one right here.

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  1. I blew up the slant 6 in my 73 Duster when I was 19 and always wanted a V8 for it. I found one that happened to be a 69 440 and planned on putting it in the Duster. I wasn’t sure how I was going to put the engine in and the brand new issue of Hot Rod magazine (May 1988) came out and right on the front cover was engine swaps including putting a 440 in a duster. I got the engine installed with an auto trans, hooker fenderwell headers and changed the rear to a 8-1/4 axle. It was running good and time to see how it ran. Me and a couple other guys took it out for the maiden voyage on the old 2 lane blacktop just outside of town. I got on it and ran as far as what I thought was a 1/4 mile and was running around 100 mph. It was still climbing like crazy so I stayed on it until it hit 130 mph and the front end came up a bit and started swaying a bit right and left. It freaked me out a bit and I totally let off the gas then the whole front was shaking bad like the wheels were going to come off, death wobble at 130. I held on with the death grip until it went back to normal around 75-80. My scariest moment ever. The Duster had no sway bar, 9″ manual drum brakes, small bolt pattern wheels, 2.76 rear gears, and all the worn out 6 cylinder front suspension.

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  2. Bought a school bus for 500 bucks, swapped the rear axle for speed, then hauled by buddy’s band all over Ohio.
    Driving to Cleveland for a show, starts snowing pretty good. Popped over a hill and there is a semi stopped in my lane. Hit the brakes, “nope, that ain’t going to work”. Yanked the wheel and literally drifted a school bus

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