This Hagerty Video About An Upholsterer Is Roadkill, But Not In The Way You Think

Maybe it’s the fact that Roadkill seldom spend time caring about any interiors, but we feel like we don’t give enough credit to people who can craft beautiful automotive cabins. The only older car we own(ed) with a “real interior” was the Missing Linc and most of that was rife with hantavirus or worse. Luckily, our friends over at Hagerty last year assembled an absolutely beautiful video on upholsterer Luis Loyola for their excellent “The Cratsmen Series.”

Luis talks about getting chided by friends after high school about “going to learn how to sew,” but we know—and we think you know—there’s every bit as much beauty and art in upholstering a custom car. Of everything in this extremely awesome story, no line stands out more than “Basically, nobody told me I couldn’t do it, so I went ahead and did it.”

Look, we don’t get all gushy or inspirational here on Roadkill often, but this is everything we love about Roadkill. Sure, Luis does beautiful work that would be out of place on anything we own, but he got there because he picked up the tools for the job and did them. Roadkill is about doing things and seeing what happens and learning along the way.

We hope Luis Loyola’s story inspires you like it does us. Now get out there and have fun doing cool stuff!

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