Hagerty Offers Track Day Insurance

Track days and High Performance Driving Experiences (HPDE) are a great way to drive your sweet sports car on racetracks while improving your car control. Unfortunately, incidents sometime happen on racetracks, which can leave your sweet sports car needing some repairs. Few road insurance policies will cover that kind of damage, but Hagerty has partnered with RLI Track Day Insurance to offer easy-to-get, event-specific insurance in case you ding up your nice car.

“We’re kind of in a second golden age of performance so these events are becoming more popular,” said Jonathan Klinger of Hagerty. Klinger elaborated that many people who own collector cars also own modern performance cars like Camaros and Mustangs for use in these kinds of events.

Hagerty designed the program for ease of use and utility to reduce hassle. In most sports cars, you can sign up for coverage as late as when you arrive in the paddock before the event starts (though not after, so don’t go crashing and then try to get coverage). A phone call or web form should get you covered. The requirements are pretty simple: a few questions about the car and a valid driver’s license should be enough. If you’re driving something unusual or worth a lot of money, you might get a phone call and some further questions, but you should still be able to get same-day coverage.


“We really wanted to make it quick and easy,” Klinger said. “The last thing you want to do is wait for an underwriter’s claim.”

The coverage amount directly relates to your car and its value, so don’t expect $300,000 of coverage on your unmodified Mustang GT. In addition to the car value, the policy will also cover environmental and pollutant cleanup, which can be a bill that a racetrack will tack on for cars that leave oil and other fluids on the track.

The press material indicates that coverage starts for as low as $200 for an event, but Klinger suggested that the scale slides a bit more. An older BMW M3 valued at around $18,000 was covered for the day for $165. We’re not sure what the cost to insure most of Roadkill’s vehicles would be. We tend to think they’re priceless collector cars, after all, with “character rust” that adds “patina value.” Or something. Anyway, if you insure your RK-caliber hooptie for a track day, drop us a note to let us know the cost.


At the moment, the coverage is limited to Track Days in the United States; no Canadian tracks yet. Unfortunately, dedicated drifting events aren’t eligible for coverage, although Klinger said that any HPDE event whose program included drifting exercises for the sake of car control might fall under the purview of the coverage.

Get more information on the Hagerty track-day insurance program here.

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