Giant Gallery of Superchargers and Power Adders at the 2016 Car Craft Summer Nationals

At Car Craft, you know we love our power adders. Superchargers, turbos, nitrous, take your pick- we love them all. What better place to see a vast smorgasbord of power-adders than a huge car show like the Car Craft Summer Nationals. This is our second year at our new home at Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee and there was no shortage of cars in attendance with power-adders. Guys in the Midwest love their blowers, and you can see nearly every iteration of Roots and screw-type superchargers on cars in the crowd here. Turbos are catching on, though, as enthusiasts embrace the versatility and drivability of turbochargers. That chemical power-adder, nitrous oxide, remains a staple in the industry as well, and all three major power-adders were on display at State Fair Park this weekend. Check out some of our pictures, and go out and add a power adder of your own.

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