Get Your Vitamin M Fix: Mighty Car Mods and a Motocompo Minibike

We love minibikes here at Roadkill and we’re pretty sure our readers do, too, so it would be a shame not to share this MCM episode with all of you. This Mighty Car Mods episode features Marty, Moog, and a Motocompo minibike. That should satisfy your Vitamin M needs for the week, possibly the month. 

Actually, if we’re being clear on our definitions, the Honda Motocompo isn’t really a minibike, per se. It was actually marketed as a “trunk bike,” mostly because the 49cc bike weighed under 100 pounds and folded to fit in the back of a Honda City. The Motocompo was an optional item with the City that would, theoretically, let someone drive their City into a city where parking was plentiful, then pull the “trunk bike” out of the back and ride it to a more specific destination. So yes, this will fit in your Honda.

The Honda City and Motocompos ad campaigns were even memorable for their use of English ska band Madness. Well, semi-memorable anyway, but the real star was surely the beautifully designed fold-up scooter.

It’s pretty trick stuff that Marty and Moog get rightly excited about. And as they say, the only thing better than one Motocompo is two of them. Do they race them? You’ll have to watch to find out. [Spoiler: They do.]

Check out Mighty Car Mods’ Motocompo madness below and if you’ve still got hankerin’ for more minibikes, follow that up with Episode 18 of Roadkill (also conveniently located below).

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