Get a LeMons Crash Course with the Official Wrapup Videos

Ever since Roadkill became the official 24 Hours of LeMons sponsoring publication, some Roadkill readers have been intrigued but a bit puzzled by what this LeMons thing is really all about. You may have watched Roadkill’s brain-boiling Rotsun-in-LeMons episode and the engine-nuking Fury-in-LeMons episode. Perhaps you’ve read a few LeMons posts on this site, and maybe even wasted some time on my official Encrustation of LeMons Coverage links. The best and quickest way to see what’s up with this noob-welcoming, tedious-club-racer-angering, weird-engineering-rewarding series, however (short of coming to an actual race), is to take a look at the official 24 Hours of LeMons wrapup videos, which have been produced for every race since the start of the 2012 season.

For example, here’s the race wrapup for the Buttonwillow race in June that featured Finnegan, Freiburger, and the Rotsun.

The South Carolina race in May was another good one.

And, of course, Michigan in April is always one of our favorite events. Failed engine swaps galore, the Stages of Subaru, and more. If you like these, you’ll love the rest!

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2 thoughts on “Get a LeMons Crash Course with the Official Wrapup Videos

  1. I have a car that I recently purchased for $200. I really want to come and do a lemons race, but there would be a catch with my car I’m afraid. I bought a turn key race car for $200, the car is worth more then that, but without race tires, I’m only in it for 200. It has a complete roll cage from nose to tail, fuel cell, battery box, racing seat with new belts. As far as I can tell, it is built to pass your tech. The only thing I noticed, is all the cars there that I have seen, the doors open, and mine do not. Is that going to be a problem in tech? Also, do I need to prove I paid 200, I have the bill of sale and title. I forgot to mention that it is a little four cylinder motor, so I wouldn’t be bringing some late model racecar to come play.

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