FUEL: Pigging Out At The Oinkster In A 1963 Plymouth Belvedere

You gotta eat, and you gotta get there, so why not take a cool car to dinner?

010-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review


Our original plan was to drive a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere to The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, California because it’s got a good view, and a belvedere is an architectural detail designed to take advantage of a good view. See, the point of these food/car reviews is to have some sort of funny connection between machine and location. But then, #becauseroadkill, we didn’t end up there, but we were hungry, and in a sweet car, so we settled for The Oinkster in Eagle Rock instead. We can’t even follow our own rules here.

001-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review

Erik Andersen, a film and television editor in Los Angeles, got the Belvedere in 1985 as a graduation present from his dad. It was meant as a starter car until he could afford something newer, but he’s been driving it for 32 years. After going through two 318s, the Belvedere got its current 360 in its latest overhaul last year. It cranks out about 245 horsepower, which is hardly Hot Rod cover blurb material, but it looks cool and got us to lunch. What more can you ask a Roadkill car to do?

003-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review

The Belvedere was reupholstered and repainted to its original tannish-pink color (maybe it is a little piggy after all?) from a darker brown. The low rumble of the 360 needs no modifying as far as Andersen’s concerned, and except for some squirrelly play in the steering it’s a solid drive. The push-button trans is dead-cool, and plenty confusing to folks who’ve never seen one.

004-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review

At the Oinkster, the Mopar rumble turned heads, and once inside, the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich turned our heads. The slow roasted pork is brined with soy and honey. We paired it with Piggy Fries, which are piled high with house-made 1000 Island Dressing and caramelized onions. You’ll need a V8 to haul your tubby butt out of this place. We finished it off with a strawberry shake so fresh it had seeds in it You’ll spend around $10-12 for a sandwich, and it will be money well spent. Original plans are fine, but turns out unexpected plans can get you an awesome pork sandwich and a write up in Roadkill.

015-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review

The Oinkster has two locations, in Eagle Rock and Hollywood.

009-1963 Plymouth Belvedere Oinkster Review

Give us your suggestions for cars and places to take them near you, and check out our previous car/food reviews.

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