French Kissing At The Best of France and Italy Car Show

If you have been reading much coverage here on you may have noticed that our show galleries tend to wander a bit from the promised headlines. Yes, we went to the Mopar show, but then we saw a cool GMC truck and took a photo of it. So here we are back at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California for the Best of France and Italy show, and the first car we photographed was a Thunderbird immediately followed by a Lotus wagon. Eh, it’s how we live. Live with us, or find another website to offer you Peugeot 205 T16 photos.


Most of us at Roadkill have an American car background, so going to “foreign” car shows can be both fun and terrifying. What is that? Does it bite? Where are all the LS motors? Once we get to looking around though, we realize there’s plenty we recognize. I mean, who doesn’t swoon over the pretty Lamborghini Miura or Ferrari Dino, and everybody knows a Countach.


In the little Italian car sections we had fun scoping out the rear-engine Fiat 850s, which look like they might still be affordable, and they are certainly adorable. French Citroens never fail to crack us up, but they had some really interesting engineering too, and looking at their complex hydraulic pumps and lines is somewhat hypnotic.


Just as we were leaving we spotted a familiar face—well, a familiar engine in an unfamiliar face. The Facel Vega was a 10-year run of French luxury cars powered by Chrysler engines. Maybe you guys are right about us not being able to write about anything except Mopars.


Anyhow, we gave it a try. Look through and let us know which French and Italian cars you’d let leak in your driveway.

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