FREE Roadkill Extra and Daily Fix Episodes: Stubby Bob and…a Coconut?

We’re pretty sure that you, the Roadkill viewer, want to know more about Stubby Bob and about how the Roadkill guys feel about exotic, hipster foods. OK, mostly you want to know about Stubby Bob and you’re in luck because you can watch Carlos Lago and Lucky Costa talk about the wheelstanding Ford pickup on the Daily Fix for free below. As a special bonus, you can also watch two of our most-famous Roadkill wrenchers talk about coconuts.

The Stubby Bob episode of Daily Fix is pretty great, featuring our Comic Relief/Stunt Double for a Real Mechanic Lucky Costa talking about the ins and outs of the truck that famously pointed skyward in Episode [XX]. For instance, do you know Stubby Bob’s alternate name? And can you guess about how much money Freiburger and Finnegan paid for Stubby Bob’s junkyard engine? From which Roadkill car did Lucky source Stubby Bob’s seats? Watch the video to learn the answers to these and more questions you didn’t even know you had.

As great as Stubby Bob is, every day can’t be spine-jarring-wheelstands  day here on Roadkill (Mostly for insurance reasons), but why not take a look at how Freiburger and Dulcich spend all of their garage time? This Roadkill Extra episode finds them exploring their inner “Foodie” by “enjoying” a coconut. Power tools to food is oddly satisfying, it turns out.

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