Fred Answers Your Questions on A Free Dirt Every Day Extra Episode

Fans of Roadkill and Dirt Every Day seem to respond well to the Extra episodes of each where the hosts respond to your questions. On this free episode of Dirt Every Day Extra, host Fred Williams takes viewer questions next to the big Dirt Every Day Ford F354. Among Fred’s nuggets of wisdom are how to get involved in off-roading and four-wheeling, as well as what to do with a 2005 Toyota Prius (SPOILER ALERT: “Get rid of the Prius, get yourself a 4×4, and go four-wheelin’”). You can also find out what happens to DED cars and you just might be able to buy one from Fred.

The free Q&A session is the first of two parts from Fred; you can watch the second part on MotorTrendOnDemand, along with 105 more Dirt Every Day Extra episodes, right here with a free 30-day trial. You can also follow all of Dirt Every Day’s exploits on the show’s Facebook page, which is where Fred will probably solicit your questions for his next Q&A episode.  As long as we’re offering more things in the DED universe, you can watch the F354 pickup in action in Episode 52 of Dirt Every Day below.

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