Four Doors Doomed This 1968 Ford Fairlane. Won’t You Please Rescue an Unloved Sedan?

I daily-drove a 1968 Mercury Cyclone during my early 20s, and I am heir to a 1968 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 428 (currently sitting in a field in Wyoming). I have a soft spot for 1968-1969 midsize Fords as a result, and so it saddens me to see this solid, rust-free 1968 Fairlane 500 sedan just discarded like an ordinary beater Tempo.

I spotted this car a couple of weeks ago, in a Denver self-service yard. It appears that quite a few parts have been salvaged from it, but I could tell that this was a car that still had a lot of life left.

The problem with cars like this is the bias against sedans, especially non-hardtop sedans, held by exactly the kind of car freaks who might be able to bring an old Ford like this back to life. But the Fairlane sedan and its Chevelle and Satellite competitors were the basic transportation devices of their time, selling in huge quantities but all but extinct now.

It appears that this car’s last owner installed 20″ rims, which seems like a bad idea.

So if you’re thinking about a project car and you want a Detroit machine from the 1960s, why not consider a sedan? It’s too late for this one, but many more already have one tire in the junkyard. Save one!

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