Racing Makes People Happy

The Faces of Drag Week 2016 Prove It.

Autonomous cars are coming, but they aren’t here yet. Certainly they aren’t at HOT ROD Drag Week, where it’s all about the people behind the wheel and at the wrench who keep the insane machines moving through a week of on-track and back road torture testing. When HOT ROD first started Drag Week in 2005, 41 cars entered. By the end of the week, everyone knew everyone else’s name. In 2016 HOT ROD had 350 cars at the start, with crew members and fans and folks just along for the ride. If it’s possible to make 700+ new friends in a single week, Drag Week is the place to do it. Take a look at the faces of Drag Week. See them suffer and console each other. See them smile. Them’s good people.

071-Drag Week 2016 Faces Racers

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