• Eric Harmer posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Since the last post Foxy n me had our first date, clocked a whole 7 miles on her. Which is when we discovered her rear suspension is all out of whack. Her shocks were blown and biting her rear tires. After replacing those and the springs I found out she had what are most likely 67 C-10 spring in, as the new stock springs sat the body on the tire. So getting clever I tried a set of 66 Impala springs that ride 2.5″ higher… no more tire bite but she rides like a hay wagon now. So back to the drawing board. It looks like her rear end is 1 3/4″ wider than stock and with her rear 265/60’s there’s not enough room. Several other tries later I’m thinking of going back to the C-10 springs, switching to 245/60’s and rolling the lip of the fender flare.