Engine Month 4/28: What’s Your V8?

We’re taking a different tack here. After all, we don’t want anything coming from Roadkill to be too predictable for you Sure, we could spend 4/28 talking about the Ford 428—we’ll throw you some reading on that below—or the Pontiac 428, but we want to know what your V8 is. Since we’re only going to talk about 401 through 430 cubic inches this month, maybe you’ve got something in mind that falls outside that range. It doesn’t have to be something you own or have owned; maybe you’ve got a favorite motor like a Dodge 340 or a Ford 460 or a Chevy 383 or—dare we say—a Toyota 358 NASCAR engine. It could even be the Cobra Jet’s 428.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least show the Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428, even if that classic ad doesn’t have sound. You can read more about the Ford and Pontiac 428s below and we’ll, of course, have more Mustang content for you on 4/29. We’ll finish the Engine Month with one engine by popular demand.

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  1. My favorite engine is the 351 Cleveland. I have one in my 1973 mustang with a 4 speed. It’s bored and stroked out to 414 cubic inches. Has a tunnel ram and dual fitech efi on top full roller valve train. I love this engine with it’s monster intake 4 v intake ports.

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