Dodge Shows Us The Demon Engine On The Dyno

After months of putting up with Dodge’s incessant teases of the Demon for the first four months of 2017, we thought we were finally over Dodge Demon Fever. Of course, then Dodge offered us a Demon so we got a bit worked up again. And now Dodge has gone and let us into their dyno room with a video of the 840-horsepower undergoing testing exercises.

The Chrysler Technical Center dyno from Elana Scherr's visit in 2016.
The Chrysler Technical Center dyno from Elana Scherr’s visit in 2016.

Fortunately/unfortunately, they’ve sped the video up to five times its normal speed. That cuts the dyno pull into watchable length that makes it easy to digest with some bulletpoints on the screen. However, it also means that you don’t get to hear the Demon roaring for five straight minutes. Regardless, we’re happy to see the engine making the exhaust glow like the heart of a campfire*.

Chrysler also did us a solid and released some more specs on the monster at the heart of the Demon. We covered some of these at the Demon’s release, but they’re worth rehashing.

  • The engine is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with a cast-iron block and aluminum Hemi heads.
  • Output is 840 horsepower/770 pound-feet on 100-octane (or higher fuel) and 808 HP/717 lb.-ft. on 91-octane pump gas.
  • The engine features a different engine block, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, and supercharger from the Hellcat. Sixty-two percent of the engine is new.
  • Dodge dyno tests every Demon and Hellcat engine for 42 minutes under load up to 5,200 RPM. Every one of them.
  • The supercharger puts out more than 14 psi of boost and displaces 2.7 liters. Chrysler built an entire engine that displaced 2.7 liters for a decade or so.
  • The Demon is capable of launching with 1.8G of linear acceleration. The oil pan and windage tray were designed and tested with this in mind.
  • The fuel pump can flow 1.36 gallons per minute while the engine sucks in 173 cubic feet of during a quarter-mile run. That means it would empty the Demon’s cabin of air by before half-track.
The Chrysler Technical Center dyno from Elana Scherr's visit in 2016.
The Chrysler Technical Center dyno from Elana Scherr’s visit in 2016.

The dyno in the video lives at the Chrysler Testing Center (CTC) in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Roadkill Editor Elana Scherr visited there in 2016 and it’s a magical land of performance testing. Inside, Chrysler has climate-controlled rooms for testing at various temperatures and simulated altitudes. Orville Wright—the guy who made the first airplane fly—designed the CTC’s wind tunnel in the 1920s. That’s awesome, too. Get that whole story here.


So yeah, Roadkill is getting a Demon. We asked on social media already, but it’s worth asking again: What do you want to know about it? What do you want to see us do with it?

* Non-sequitur: Do you like campfires? You can have a campfire with Roadkill at the upcoming Zip-Tie Drags events. You should come to one of them and roast marshmallows and/or tires with us.

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