College Students Build Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle And Kozy Coupe; We Need One

My high school psychology teacher Mr. Limberis once made my class do some kind of actualization exercise where we had to write our goal for the next day on a notecard and recite it a few times before going to sleep. The idea was you’d wake up with motivation and solutions that your brain had worked on while you were asleep. It didn’t work for me, maybe because my goals all centered around rocketing my sputtering 1985 Mercury Topaz into the sun and maybe because I wasn’t really paying attention and was instead doodling sweet guitars in my notebook.Anyway, Adult Me was just thinking yesterday about how I needed something small and motorized that I could put in the back of my Ford Focus hatchback for pit transportation at 24 Hours of LeMons races. Minibikes are cool, of course, but I wanted something a little bit different and more Lemons-y. I fell asleep with this weighing on my mind and when I woke up, someone had shared with me this GIF (below) of two Georgia Tech students who built a motorized Radio Flyer tricycle and a Little Tikes Kozy Coupe using chainsaw engines. Actualization in the form of a chainsaw tricycle? Bam.

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Granted, handling looks suspects—particularly over bumpy crosswalks—and the total lack of brakes is a bit alarming, but those are solvable problems. Walking is completely overrated and so are bikes when you can make a retired chainsaw do the work for you. Bravo, ingenious college students.

Coincidentally, my daughter is about to outgrow her identical Radio Flyer tricycle. If you need me today, I’ll be searching “chainsaw” on CraigsList. 

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