Classic Commercial: The Rolling Cutaway 1967 Chevy Impala

Ah, classic commercials. While the presentation of ads has changed dramatically over the last half-century, gimmicks were still a huge part of trying to sell cars. Today, General Motors puts people in a room with a bear, but in 1967, the gimmick was a bit more tame and, we think, a lot cooler. Rather than just give a talk-through of the 1967 Chevy Impala SS’s features, Chevy went so far as to build a demonstrative car that could be split lengthwise to give a real-life cutaway view.

Cutaways of the Chevy Impala’s foam-cushioned seats, foam-cushioned instrument panel, and carpeted doors speak to the its personal luxury coupe status. Add to that a cutaway of the gas tank and even the Impala SS 396-cubic-inch V8 (with double fuel filtering!) and you’ve got a pretty cool ad, in retrospect. Link to your favorite old car ad, maybe we’ll share it next!

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