Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The Roadkill 1946 Willys Jeep Adventure Episode 62

034-Roadkill Episode 62 Pewe Freiburger Jeep

First of all: Don’t panic. Freiburger hosts the most recent episode of Roadkill with Rick Péwé, editor of JP Magazine and a longtime off-roading cohort of Freiburger. That said, Finnegan will be back on the next episode (and all future episodes) so, as we said, don’t panic. As Freiburger points out in the episode—which you can watch right now on MotorTrendOnDemand—Péwé was present for Roadkill’s earliest machinations when Freiburger and Finnegan fixed and drove his mom’s old ’66 Buick from Arizona to Los Angeles for a 2012 episode of Hot Rod Unlimited.

In this Roadkill episode, Freiburger and Péwé get their flat-fender $550 ‘46 Willys CJ2A running and try to retrace their steps back to Utah, where they bought it more than 15 years ago on a road trip. The engine failed on that trip and, among other flailing, Péwé tried to repair an engine bearing with belt leather based on old off-road trail-fix stories (Pro tip: Don’t try that, ever.). Shockingly, everything goes awry when inspecting the old flathead engine, but that keeps the old duo on their toes and the trip properly Roadkill.

021-Roadkill Episode 62 Pewe Freiburger Jeep

Check out MotorTrendOnDemand to see the episode now and also be sure to watch the Roadkill Extra Episode 133 where Freiburger and Péwé show take a closer look at the Jeep’s World War II-era flathead engine. It’s a good one.

Also, look at this sequence of photos and tell us in the comments what on earth they could be talking about.

025-Roadkill Episode 62 Pewe Freiburger Jeep026-Roadkill Episode 62 Pewe Freiburger Jeep027-Roadkill Episode 62 Pewe Freiburger Jeep

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