Pete Bardens

Pete Bardens is perhaps best known for his work with Progressive Rock group, Camel.

Pete Bardens sadly passed away on the 22nd January, 2002.

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Peter is sadly missed his work with camel was amazing camel are to this day the tightest band i ever heard and one of the best live act ever ,maybe peters playing the great gig in the sky who knows from

- matthewlaming

Album Credits

Writing credit for:

  1. Avalanche
  2. Fight To Win
  3. Heaven Knows
  4. Turn Your Heart Around
  5. Turn Your Heart Around (single version)

Other credits:

  1. Keats... Plus (Keyboards/Synths, Space Invaders)
  2. Keats (1996 Release) (Keyboards/Synths, Space Invaders)
  3. Keats (Original Release) (Keyboards/Synths, Space Invaders)
  4. Keats (Original US Release) (Keyboards/Synths, Space Invaders)
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