Thanks for offering to contribute to the Encyclopaedia Projectolgia, simply use the form below to provide your information. When you submit the form, you will then have the option to check that any images and links you have provided are working properly, and to correct any mistakes you have made. Once you are happy with your entry, you can then add it to the main database. It will then be immediately available to view at the bottom of the encyclopaedia entry.

Shortly after this, I will integrate it with the main database as I see fit. Please note that I reserve the right to reformat the entry, to correct spelling, grammar or punctuation and to reject it in its entirety if I believe it to be unsuitable. I am sure, however, that that will be a very rare occurrence!

If you prefer, you are also welcome to send me information by e-mailing me (see main index for contact details).

Thanks once again for helping to swell the information contained within the Encyclopaedia Projectologia.

- Alistair Young

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