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From the liner notes...
[Other than the last paragraph, this is nothing more than a butchered version of the notes found in The Best of the Alan Parsons Project. Well, at least it saved me some typing...]

The mid 1970's was a musical era awash in the ashes of the late 60's and early 70's progressive rock movement. The New Wave from the American coasts and England had yet to appear and the new generation of mainstream artists were still in their infancy, if together at all. The musical euphoria and innovation which was so prevalent just a few years earlier had gotten a bit stagnant... but there were exceptions. A handful of new as well as veteran artists managed to forge ahead with continuing high standards of musicianship and expression. Clearly, among those exceptions was the Alan Parsons Project with wide screen, cinematic music. The Alan Parsons Project was able to combine rich orchestral textures with a sense of economy.

The key has always been in the Project's ability to deliver a sense of balance. Complex arrangements were fitted to accessible melodies. Their musicianship has the highest standards, yet the frequently boring indulgences common to progressive artists were absent from the Project's music, and the overall feel of the songs was conducive to headphone listening as well as background listening.

The Project's first album was "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" which was recorded over a two year period. It met with good, though not overwhelming, public response. In 1977 the Project began a new phase with a series of concept albums, such as "I, Robot" [sic], "Pyramid", "Eve", and "Eye in the Sky". All in all we can say that the Alan Parsons Project has continued to take their own music higher and further through the years.

The songs in this collection belong to the best of the Alan Parsons Project. They are performed by the Symphonic Rock Project - as as a tribute to Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, whose contributions as songwriters and conceptual collaborators have been critical to the Project's success through the years. It is refreshing to hear this music that is based purely on sound and song rather than on an image or obsession with the latest novelty.

General observations...
There appears to be some sort of connection between this and the Alex Bollard CDs. The CD features the same list of tracks, right down to the mistakes, and the cover is very similar in style to at least one incarnation of the Alex Bollard CDs. Even the flyers containing adverts for other CDs are remarkably similar. In a strange way this is more a cover of the Alex Bollard CD than of the original APP tracks.

Unlike the Alex Bollard CDs, this album seems to feature several different (and anonymous) vocal artists and their accents are quite distinct.

There are several gaffs in the lyrics, including the replacement of every occurence of the word "ain't" in Eye in the Sky with the word "am"...

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